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Re: Calling All Women and Men for the Global Women's Strike

Am I the only one to notice that, amidst all the calls for wage/equity parity for women, there is also a demand that third-world debt not be forgiven? Isn't exploitation of the third world by greedy western financiers a progressive issue? Don't progressives feel that forgiveness of that debt is a critical part of their program?

Can the progressives truly embrace the Global Women's Strike, when one of its stated purposes repudiates a cherished progressive notion? Or is this more of a marriage of convenience?

Speaking of marriage, isn't California a community property state, and aren't the wife and husband entitled to half of each others' product during the marriage? What maid or handyman gets half of his or her employer's estate BY LAW? Isn't the division of labor in the family up to the spouses to decide, and isn't it likely to be different in every case?

If the idea is for men and women to get equal respect and equal pay for equal work, who could disagree with that? If the idea is to make clear that women's work in the home and the community is real, essential work, again, who says otherwise, at least here in California?

For an important reason to denigrate homemaking, need we look any further than fact that 30-50% of the GDP is appropriated via government taxes and fees, and that, in most two-income households, the entire gross income of the minority earner goes to satisfy the cravings of the tax man, while the entire gross income of the majority earner supports the household? That being the case, who benefits from forcing both the male and female spouse into the paid workforce, and demanding that housework and "caring work" be compensated? Could it be government, who collects the taxes that reduces the family income to the point where one spouse can no longer remain in the home full-time? Or might it be the education and childcare industries -- both either operated by or heavily subsidized or regulated by the government?

Yet, without the tax revenue, what would become of progressive social programs?

Do you get the sense that things are pretty tangled up, and that perhaps some untangling is long overdue? Would such untangling further or hinder progressive goals? Will you spend a moment to really think about it, and what is important to YOU?

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