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Re: Same-sex marriage testimony

Why do you all so desperately crave the acknowledgement and blessings of the government, something you generally despise anyway, of your personal romantic commitments?

"Tax breaks" are a priviledge, by definition. Not a right. If you think you should be allowed to keep your own damn money, well.. you're right. So make that the point - it has nothing to do with gender preference, us straight people want the same thing.

"Health insurance for domestic partners" is a priviledge too - if you don't like the terms, don't sign the contract. If you don't like the benefits, find another job. The insurance "company" is just the private property of the stockholders, and if they don't want to deal with you on your terms that's their right - just as it's your right not to accept their terms.

Live together by your own standards and just be happy! Stop caring so much whether or not other people approve of your lifestyle.

Really, people.

Besides, hasn't it occured to you yet that you've been duped? Dubya has been caught with his pants down in an election year over his flat-out lies about justification for invading a sovereign foreign nation, so he and his Republican flunkies decide to push your buttons over Gay Marriage, to get you all riled up and distract the press from Iraq and WMDs.

And you all took the bait!


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