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Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

So let me see if I've got this straight: The whole worlds coming to an end and you're still voting Democrat. Sounds like we actually need a mass political party of the people that will actually do something different than the two parties that have been destroying the planet.

Since the Democrats will never do anything different, despite all of your reality tempered illusions, it sounds to me like we need another political party, one that will have to start small before it gets big. That is what I am working on building.

Leonard Peltier is not a savior; he is one of us. But you'd rather not vote at all than give your vote to him. Or on the flip side you say you'd rather vote for Kerry. Sorry, your train of thought lacks elemental logic.

I have voted my entire adult life and I am proud to say I’ve never voted for a Democrat or Republican (except one registered Democrat for school board that turned out to be a mistake). Yet who you and I vote for is not even the most fundamental question.

By supporting Kerry you promote a fundamentally different political agenda than I do. Kerry will continue the policies of war, mass incarceration of the poor, environmental destruction, racism, union busting, NAFTA, and the imprisonment of political leaders like Leonard Peltier as we've had for the past twelve years of Clinton/Bush. The only difference will be that Kerry will be better at it than Bush.

By campaigning for the Peace and Freedom Party and Leonard Peltier I am promoting a political alternative to Kerry’s agenda even before he gets into office and I am looking to the future with the hope that in the future a mass leftist party of the working class will spring from the seeds that me and like minded people are planting.

Leonard Peltier for President!

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