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Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

I understand your point, but I don't think you are getting what I am saying here. You certainly are not responding to it with anything but the same generalizations.

So, to focus in again: under which administration would you rather continue doing your good work: Bush or Kerry? Clearly a third party vote is going to only help Bush. If you think there is no difference, than fine. Maybe it doesn't matter to you. It does to me.

And let me ask you something. If Kerry is just the same as Bush, than what do you make of the statement that he made candidly to a supporter when he did not know the BBC mike picked it up, that (paraphrazed) "these are the most lying currupt people I have ever seen". If they were working together, why would he have said that?

You are not getting my point. You are the one actually who has more faith in the system than I do. You think you can get Leonard Peltier elected to the Presidency and transform the entire country. While that is certainly a noble idea, and very commendable, in my opinion it is a pie in the sky illusion.

Leonard Peltier will never be elected to the system as it is now. It cannot and will not happen. Ever.

Leonard could only get elected to a different system, and America would have to be a different America. So if you want to wait for that, fine. That is very idealistic. Most of us will be old if not dead by the time happens. I personally would much rather focus on creating alternative healing communities and planetary service organizations than try to fix or change what has to take it's own course. I believe that an election or reselection of Bush and co. will create a greater climate of fear than Kerry will. Even if it's just relative shades of the same crap, I don't care. To me it is not about the perfect government. I do not believe we will find that kingdom of heaven on earth through the system as it is now: currupt and evil to the core. I want to create and live and serve according to a vision within, not try to perfect the U.S. government. But good luck to you. If your success with the "move along" ordinances are any indication, maybe you can do the job. I know you have the passion, vision and certainly the truth on your side.

It's just a different perspective, that's all. We all have different parts to play.

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