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Why I'm not voting for Kerry

Senan, let me make this completely clear, because I don't think you've understood what I've been saying. I do not agree with any of your premises here. I do not think that Kerry will even be a little bit better than Bush.

Kerry is pro-war, Kerry is against single payer, Kerry is in fact no different than Bush except for in one way. Kerry will be less discredited than Bush is. If you are thinking strategically you should understand what this means. If Kerry is less discredited the people will watch him less and let him get away with more. In addition, his arguments of why the U.S. needs to stay in Iraq will have more credibility when Kerry falsely claims that he had nothing to do with starting the war. Because of these illusions Kerry will in fact be WORSE than Bush.

It is the role of a socialist party like the Peace and Freedom Party to challenge those illusions as much as possible. We do this partly in an attempt to prevent Kerry or any other smooth talking Democrat or Republican from getting away with more.

You suggested to me (outside of this thread) that it is in my interests to get Kerry elected because then I could prove that what I am saying about him and the need for a third party is true. Yet such a cynical endorsement would only come back to haunt me. Everything I said about Kerry during his stint in power would be clouded by the fact that I was naive enough, or cynical enough, to endorse him.

Socialists like myself understand the strategic need to remain consistent. That need is two fold. It keeps the pressure on the corporate Democrat and Republican politicians that pretend to be on the side of the people. It also keeps us in the eyes of the people as an alternative when they are fed up with both capitalist parties of war, racism, environmental degradation, strike breaking, and greed.

The socialist politics that I advance have nothing to do with the superficial impressions created in the corporate media. In this entire debate you have yet to point to any meaningful differences between Bush and Kerry's proposed policies. Bush and Kerry oppose each other, perhaps even with some hostility, just as corporations fight each other for their share of the market, but that does not make them any different. Nor does a politician having second thoughts about getting into a war that he actually voted for while he at the same time opposes getting out of the war.

In the final analysis supporting the Democrat Party is kind of like pissing in your wet suit, sure it’s all warm and gushy but after the election what are you left with?

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