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Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

Out of this long winded diatribe, I only noticed two small parts where you actually mentioned Kerry! "Yes he is of the elite, and skull and bones, yes the capitalist system will roll on, but it may be an entirely different sequence of events both internationally and domestically under Kerry than Bush. It certainly could not be worse! :)"!!!!!!! Apparently you think it's going to be a'ok if the capitalist system rolls on and that is precisely where I find fault with your argument. So if it doesn't get worse, it's gonna be sorta ok? You'll settle then? Because I won't. Fuck the democrats and the republicrats. You think things are going to get better with Kerry? I hate to say this but it will be too bad if Kerry does get elected because it would put so many lefties liberals and those teetering on the fence right back to sleep thinking everything's hunkydory because we have a democrat in the white house! Think again! Remember Clinton? Familiar with NAFTA and the bombs he dropped on other countries? Also, Kerry voted for the war in Iraq! How you can conceivably be for peace and support him? By the way I voted for Peltier in the primary.

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