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Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

I just got back from the 9-11 Truth Conference. There was allot of amazing activists, teachers, and speakers. It was absolutely amazing. There was a variety of angles, and I learned allot.

As I was listening, I often thought of this thread. How did what I wrote fit in with all this information I was digesting?

Well, here is what I came away with in relation to this thread:

The global fascist agenda is certainly bigger than the person of the president (which I have certainly already acknowledged).

Kerry is Skull and Bones, as is Bush, which is a first (to have two Bonesmen againt each other).

The challenge there of course, is that the allegiance of the Bonesmen is ultimately to the Bones agenda, rather than the American people. Having any higher allegiance than the service of one's country is a very dangerous thing for a president.

That Kerry will surely continue the military industial complex, and surely the capitalist system, but that is obvious.

There were various opinions among these very activated and educated group of 9-11 activists. One side was not going to vote for either, not wanted to perpetuate a system currupt to the core, and not wanting to perpetuate the illusion of anything else beside a one party system that it is.

The majority though seemed to acknowledge all of this and simultaneously acknowledged that there are relative differences (which included less reactionary, idealogically driven policies, more moderate generally etc).

I was puzzled by the fact that on one hand some of the speakers were exposing the Bush/Bush Lite syndrome (how they will install a rep. then a dem. etc but that the New World Order agenda marches on etc), yet also several stated that if Bush was losing so bad they couldn't even get away with rigging the elections, that we could possibly expect another "terrorist" attack (to shock and awe the American Public, potentially suspending the Constitutition and, as Tommy Franks so ominously warned some months ago, implement a full on code red/ martial law.

My confusion was this: if they are just to faces of the exact same agenda, than if Bush is unpopular, than why not just install Bush lite/Kerry, and continue on their merry imperialistic/police state way?

It appears that there are factions within the beast. Differences. Big enough differences that the current administration does NOT and will not under any cirucumstances allow Kerry to take over.

It is a bit of a paradox in a way, but really life is full of paradox.

I went through allot of reflection on the topic, and look forward to more.

I still plan on voting for Kerry rather than Bush or a third party at this point. The Bush administration is so far right wing and ideologically driven extremists (really to a degree that has never been seen before. The key word is DEGREE Steve :) that it would appear this country right now is in a very dangerous situation. I realize all kinds of arguements could be made that it has ALWAYS been in a dangerous situation, and that our foreign and domestic policies have been an absolute nightmare for Billions of people for decades, and I would fully agree.

We are teetering on the brink of a fully implimented military state, which I reference in my original post. The possiblity of that is terrifying for anyone who has a fraction of a clue of what it would mean.

My conclusion in this moment is that while changing the system over all, and specifically averting the full implimentation of Martial Law in the United States within the near future are both the same in the larger picture, they are not the same in the shorter term scenario.

The change of the system overall is going to take years to get to the point where the American people are ready for that choice. If there is a staged attack on U.S. soil and the Constitution is suspended, there will not be that opportunity. There will be so much fear, chaos, people being taken away to internment camps, forced vaccinations, check points, total economic callapse, and police squads arresting and killing the resistance, that no one will be able to do shit, least of which is working to change the government.

I know this all sounds far fetched on U.S. soil...
but it did to the German people as well. If you listen to their "after thoughts", most did not see it comming.

If we can divert that nightmare, we will be able to organize and activate better over the comming years. Even if it means the slightly lessor of two evils. We can use the time that we desperately need to get stronger and healthier, both individually and collectively in our respective angle of activism.

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