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Re: City Council blocks affordable apartments

If this actually was to be used as affordable housing for the under-employed, that would be one thing. But the reality is that this is going to be a student housing complex and contribute major parking and traffic congestion. The neighbors are understandably concerned.

It is certain that more affordable housing needs to be made in Santa Cruz, but these are to be studio apartments, not family dwellings.

If you want to systematically deal with the problem, a massive local income tax on the rich is what is required. People who live and work in Santa Cruz in general are not making enough money to afford rent or mortgage payments on a modest 3 bedroom house unless they have lived here a long time and have some sort of rent protection or a comparatively small mortgage. The university is the largest employer in town, but you have to be a tenured full professor before you begin to pull in the salary that one would need for a house payment. The staff have it quite a bit worse. The situation for employees at other institutions and businesses here aren't in any better situation either. Firepersons, cops, schoolteachers, etc don't make enough to live here either. In short, Santa Cruz is totally unafordable to anyone but rich people who likely work elsewhere like San Jose. These are the people that need to be soaked with an income tax to redistribute wealth or else need to be driven out. $750 studio apartments aren't going to help them very much unless they live alone.

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