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Re: City Council Blocks Affordable Apartments

I thought Santa Cruz was supposed to be a liberal, freedom-loving town?

All I hear people talking about here, is how best to use government threat-of-force to tell people what they can do with their own property.

Somewhere along the way, "liberty" was apparently removed from the liberal agenda.

Just because you dont like what your neighbor is doing on his land, or think that you have a better idea, doesnt give you the right to do anything more than offer him suggestions no matter what legal mumbo jumbo you choose to employ. It still comes down to the implied threat of violence from cops with guns being used to intimidate innocent people into doing someone else's will.

Yes, let's just "soak the rich" like medieval robber-barons, and then sit around and complain that there are no high-paying jobs to be found on this side of the hill; gee, I wonder why.

You people are amazing.

And you wonder why there is "class war". Your prejudiced stereotyping and subsequent unconditional hatred of people based on their income, is why. You're as guilty as they are, for continuing the cycle of cold war between rich and poor.

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