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Re: Anarchist Infoshop Opening this April

"Anarchists ARE socialists...libertarian socialists, NOT authoritarian socialists."

It sounds like your answer to Steve is no.

I was looking at his site and here is what he says on the opening page, "Liberation News is a socialist site, building a revolutionary movement in the traditions of Rosa Luxemburg. Rosa Luxemburg was a leading German and world socialist who opposed the betrayals of the Social Democratic Parties who at that time supported their own bourgeoisies as they entered the First World War across Europe. Rosa Luxemburg instead advocated revolutionary socialism. In addition, while being supportive of the Russian revolution, she was at the same time opposed to the dictatorial methods of Lenin and Trotsky in the Soviet Union. Rosa Luxemburg instead advocated democratic communism."

I think your anarchist infoshop dogmatism sucks.

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