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Re: City Council Blocks Affordable Apartments

Excusse the break.
But Santa Cruz is what I thought it to be all of this time... a wolfe in sheeps clothing. It is liberal in theroy but conservative in practice.
It is important to understand that similar propsals for low income and affordable housing have came up in the past...but failed to take hold in Santa Cruz. I would like to give all of those reading a little comparison from first hand experince. I pay $850 a month rent for a four bedroom house with 2.5 bathrooms and a garage here in the golden sprawl of Amarillo. Please don't get me wrong, I understand that Amarillo is no vacation mecca like my home town, nor does it offer the same kind of tranquil utopia. So naturaly there is going to be cost diffrence when you factor in latent and mainifest wants when talking about pricing diffrences in houses between Santa Cruz and other parts of the country. However, at what point do we start to define resonable. It seems that we have three choices: is resonable what the market will bare, or is it what people can afford, or is it what is deemed as ethical practice according to our god given rights to live as humanbeings in a modern civilized society.
I truly think that before we can address this on going delima of affordable housing, we need to define, pardon the pun, what is fair and balanced for the entire community.

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