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Contrails do not "disperse". They can persist for extended periods, causing water vapor to condense to larger clouds.

Contrails are also thought to affect the normal atmospheric chemistry due to the introduction of active species not found in the atmosphere pre-jet age (Unraveling Aircraft Impacts, Randall R. Friedl, Science 1 October 1999; 286: 57-58).

There is also substantial evidence that contrails may also contribute to the Greenhouse effect (<>
(Myhre, G. & Stordal, F., On the tradeoff of the solar and thermal infrared radiative impact of contrials. Geophysical Research Letters, 28, 3119 - 3122, (2001). ... why are only Norwegians studying this? [rhetorical})

"Cirrus clouds warm the Earth. Their formation is incompletely understood, but recent studies hint that they can evolve from jet contrails."
(Nature 391, 837 - 838 (26 Feb 1998))

"High-level cirrus clouds can evolve, from the condensation trails of aircraft, which form as the mixture of warm, humid exhaust gases and colder, drier air exceeds water saturation. In addition, the particles in exhaust plumes from aircraft may allow ice nucleation at lower supersaturations than those required under natural conditions. This mechanism is sensitive to environmental conditions, but may occur downstream of the exhaust aerosol source regions. Here I show that cirrus clouds increased in occurrence and coverage in the main air-traffic flight corridors between 1982 and 1991."
Nature397, 30 - 31 (07 Jan 1999)

Not quite the Art Bell-esque conspiracy.

Bad science is neither truth nor beneficial. Use all the tools available to you!

But very cool pictures!

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