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Science as a tool for lies and disinformation?

Once again the debunkers are out, lying to the people. Only now people are waking up to what is happening in their sky, and not buying the disinfo.

Normal jet contrails are the by product of normal air travel, which only happens at certain temperatures, altitudes and humdity levels. Contrails are relatively harmless and VERY different from Chemtrails.

Normal "persistance" patterns for Contrails is to quickly dissolve within minutes. Do you remember when you were a child watching a plane with a contrail? The "tail" (contrail) would follow the plane, as the end of the contrail would quickly dissapate. Did you EVER see grid like patterns and tick tack toe patterns of trails that would linger for HOURS, slowly dispersing and eventually covering the sky with a white haze? NO! Because it DID NOT HAPPEN!!

Chemtrails are SPRAYED SYSTEMATICALLY FROM PHOTO IDENTIFIED KC 10 AND KC 135 AIRFORCE REFUELING TANKERS. They defy normal contrail "persistance" patterns, and the flight patterns of this illegal military operation fully defy normal air traffic patterns.

People who use science to cover up this crime against humanity are either unwitting stooges, ignorant, or purposefully disseminating disinformation. In other words, they are either fools or liars.

There is documentation of Chemtrails and Contrails at the same altitude and positioning. What kind of science mumbo jumbo can you use to explain that? What kind of science mumbo jumbo can you use to show why these aircraft are consistantly the above mentioned airforce tankers, and that they defy normal contrail formation as well as normal jet flight patterns.
What kind of disinfo can you come up with to explain why there is documentation of a "Contrail" that cuts off, and then back on, as if someone had flipped the switch for a moment, leaving a huge, crisp break in the trail. Temperature changes? Yeah sure!!!

The truth will come out about the aerosol spray operation, and probably soon. The liars and ignorant fools who try to discount this massive illegal operation will eat it then.

Until that day, do yourself a favor, and don't by tricked into going back to sleep.

The Aerosol Chemical Spray Operation is continuing over the skies of Santa Cruz. THIS IS GOING ON EVERY DAY.

The majority of what you see are clouds are not. They are dispersed Chemicals from the earlier spraying.


Help make Santa Cruz a Chemtrail Free/NO Spray Zone!!!

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