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Thank you

Wow. Thanks for all the feedback!

I wrote the original post. I really value this site. What kind of came off with a negative vibe is more just a frustration to see it better. Portland Indy is so inspiring. I also want you know that I have put allot into this site over recdent months and posted many articles about various things, not just chemtrails! I have also learned tons of stuff. I also respond often to various posts. And no, it's not the aesthetic that makes the site, though there are some really incredible models that could be duplicated if someone had the ability. And having a nice looking website is important if you want people to be attracted to spending time on it, no?

How big is Portland compared to Santa Cruz? I'm just curious.

I don't think that very many local people even know about indymedia Santa Cruz. I thought if a public awareness campaign, ads, posters, radio, articles, or whatever was done to promote our site, allot more people would want to participate. Allot of people are looking for good alternative news and dialogue, and I think many would be siked to know this was here.

Whatever, I'm just rambling. If i'm not willing to do it, I probably shouldn't bring it up.

Considering the times we are living in, there is a HUGE need for expression and understanding. Communicating about current events in the way that only a forum like that can consistantly provide is an invaluable tool for many people to not only get educated on the news, but process their thoughts, be challenged and stretched, clarify their perpectives and make their own decisions. Judging from the way things are going, it would appear there is going to be a consistant increase in the intesity of political events, including ways that will progressively effect all of us.
I also think that Indymedia is an important outlet for foreign policy discussion as well, and again, healthy vibrant dialogue is truly healing in it's own way. So this is a healing forum, as well as a learning forum, no?

Any way, ultimately it is not fair to compare indy sites anyway. Each is it's own creation.

Peace within first, i am always remembering.

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