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Today Evan Jacobs, the public relations officer for California-American Water (part of American Water Works Co., which in turn is owned by RWE Aktiengesellschaft of Essen Germany), spoke at public comment period during the County Supervisors meeting.

His claim:

***Cal Am is a good neighbor. His evidence was as follows: The company has paid over $70,000 in property taxes and has not raised the water rates.

That was about the extent of it.

But he followed with what sounded to me like a thinly veiled threat of a tough and expensive financial battle if the county supports the San Lorenzo Water District's efforts to buy back Felton's water supply. This is not the first time that Cal - Am has used the 'unnecessary burden on taxpayers' argument.

Cal Am is located at 195 Kirby, in Felton. Their only listed phone number is a customer service line: 1-800-794-7350

This corporation seems intent on fighting the residents of Felton all the way.

Make it to the meeting if you can.

If you cannot, look for a broadcast on Community Television (probably in about 3 weeks).

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