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Now Felton residents would like to acquire their water system and put it in public hands, but Cal-Am is trying to undermine these community efforts while pushing to raise rates. When a water main broke last December in Felton, residents phoned an emergency hotline that led to an operator located in Illinois. The company failed to alert some of the residents to boil their water. The company has also interrupted service without notifying customers.

As of August, RWE-Thames had already gotten over $40 million in rate increases from their America's water division and they are pressing for rate increases in almost every one of their state subsidiaries. They have an aggressive expansion strategy and are planning to build a large ocean water desalination plant on the Monterey Coast, at the mouth of the nationally protected estuary, the Elkhorn Slough.

On Wednesday February, 25 2004, the Office of Ratepayer Advocates (ORA), and the County of Santa Cruz challenged the rate increases and presented final oral arguments to the Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco. Rate increases of up to 60% were requested for the 50,000 ratepayers in the Sacramento Valley, Felton and Larksfield

To find out more about the campaign, contact Public Citizen at 510-663-0888 or
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