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Common Questions

How can I contribute to or volunteer with Santa Cruz Indymedia?
The best way to learn about how you can get involved and support Santa Cruz Indymedia is to read the volunteer page.

How can I contact Santa Cruz Indymedia?
Current contact information is maintained on the contact page. You can also contact Santa Cruz Indymedia in person by attending a general meeting.

When and where are the general meetings?
Meeting times and locations are available on the meetings page.

How can I learn more about Santa Cruz Indymedia?
The most obvious way is to just read the site. Some information about Santa Cruz Indymedia can be found on the about page.

How can I learn more about Indymedia in general?
The best way to understand and learn about Indymedia is to read the sites; nothing else will convey what Indymedia is more than that. The global independent media center site has a page about indymedia as well as a multi-lingual list of frequently asked questions about indymedia.

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