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PROHIBITION: Henry Huante, Another Innocent Victim of the Drug War

enry Angel Huante, a Santa Cruz resident, was convicted Thursday by the Morality Police of the victimless crimes of attempting to purchase heroin, and also of owning a pipe. He is a legal adult.

Santa Cruz, CA -

Henry Angel Huante was sentenced Thursday to a year in a jail-based drug-rehabilitation program.

Huante, a Beach Flats resident, was on probation after another victimless drug-sales conviction when he was arrested Jan. 21 for trying to buy heroin from an undercover deputy and having drug paraphernalia.

The purchase of heroin and possession of a pipe, like buying alcohol owning a bottle, is a victimless crime that hurts no one. At 28 years old, Huante has been a legal adult for a decade.

Grand Inquisitor Anna Rubalcava and her bureacrats Thursday urged time in the government dungeons for Huante, citing his record and earlier failure to conform to government-sanctioned morality.

But His Highness, Judge John Salazar, chose a jail-based drug treatment program after several pointed questions to Huante.

"Why should I not send you to prison?" he demanded.

Huante, fearing the torture of prison, surrendered his rights and dignity, promising to change "everything" in his life including making new friends more acceptable to the government, and to remove any body art expressing membership in, or loyalty to, any groups of people of which His Highness disapproved.

Originally arrested and searched on charges relating to an April 2002 downtown shooting, those charges were dropped after the gun that had been used was determined not to be Huante's after all, and because supposed eye witnesses were later determined by police to be "unreliable".

Thus the original grounds for arresting and searching Huante to begin with, may have been fabricated.

In 1920, Washington DC amended the US Constitution to declare alcohol illegal, sparking 14 years of gang warfare and government repression until the amendment was repealed in 1934 and freedom to drink was restored to legal adults.

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