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Re: Kerry Committed War Crimes, \'Burned Villages\' in Viet Nam

Come the fuck on! I am against war as a solution. However, I have doubts about there actually being such things as "war crimes". As the saying goes, "war is hell" and it is certainly difficult to create rules that individuals must live by when they are in what looks, feels, and smells like hell.

I for one cannot pass judgement on a man who has been to war - I can only imagine the difficulties one would face when surrounded by the stench of death. What might be my reaction as I picked up the leg, arm, or torso of a fallen comrade who once had saved my life. It might go something like, "Someone is going to pay for this. Let' burn that fucking village down." I would guess it gets angrier than this?

Anyhow, for those of us have never experienced first hand the brutality of war I believe it is counterproductive to point fingers and yell murderer! For Kerry to step forward and announce to the world that he was part of the extreme ugliness in Vietnam took courage.

To pretend that war can be fought in a way that doesn't destroy innoncent people and villages is to believe in the rhetoric of the "smart bomb" that tells us that we are only killing the "bad" people.

Wake the hell up! We ask our men to commit war crimes when we ask them to go to war. We are partially responsible for what goes on during war - the scapegoating doesn't serve anyone. The soildier we send into battle are victims of a system that preaches power over - we ALL are part of that system. Yeah, we may not agree with it, we may protest against it, but until it changes we are a part of it.

Support should be flowing Kerry's way for making the stand as a young man against this war. He reported to the American public what they didn't want to hear - that we just don't kill the bad guys in war. Kerry is a hero for going over to Vietnam and even more of a hero for coming back and rallying against the system that put him over there - let us here more of the ugliness it is the only way we will come to realize war is never the answer!

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