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Ride em Cowboy

Thanks Cowboy, well said and very true.

You are totally on the target Cowboy.
I totally agree.

This initial post fits right in to the GOP attack machine. They will continually try to change the subject. George W. Bush and his insane band of neoconservative lying, imperialistic bandits want to try to confuse the American public by elevating small and non issues, distortions and such to confuse and derail the real issue. The real issue is that this administration has repeatedly, relentlessly, fed the American people a series of carefully calibrated LIES to manipulate them into fear and submissiveness to their reactionary war and conquest agenda.

As far as comparing the "shadow side" (if you will) or the apparant inconsistancies of Scrub versus Kerry, it is NOT like comparing oranges to apples. It is like comparing raisons to watermelons.

Bushco. has a proven, documented agenda to decieve and manipulate the American people and the entire world by any means necessary to impliment their neo fascist agenda for world domination.

9-11 was a staged psychological operation to implement the Project for a New America agenda through a series of preemtive military operations to step by step solidify American dominance and control of the planet, what to say of U.S. citizens. I wonder if people were debating in Nazi Germany if Hitler was really "that" bad.

Folks, there is NO comparison between Shrub face and Kerry. I totally agree, wholeheartedly with Cowboy's response. Look a little deeper.

We are living in the rise of the 4th Reich, and if you are not convinced yet, if you still think they are compassionate conservatives, you need to wake the fuck up.

Kerry is a war hero. War sucks. He was brave to come out and speak the truth, absolutely.

Please do NOT be distracted by the GOP mind control machine.

This is our LAST chance to take this county back!

We need YOU to stand up and speak out NO! Get involved, wake people up from their slumber. We have six months to create a landslide for an outspoken, highly intelligent, and very sincere war hero named John Kerry. Shit, many of us were little children when Mr. Kerry was speaking out against the Vietnam war. He is bright, strong, credible, and although is not perfect (who the fuck is? are you? is this about perfection or reality???) he is our ONLY chance of derailing the most dangerous evil that has ever walked the face of this earth. NO FUCKING LESS.

bush (it) MUST Be taken out in 2004 or you can kiss your sweet happy dream of a good life and peace on earth goodbye.

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