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Re: Leftwing Fascism in Santa Cruz

First: In response to Steve Argue, many university students are children - still supported by their parents - many having still not yet left the politically naive world of academia.

Second: To equate the State of Israel with the KKK is simply obscene.

Israel is a lone bastion of freedom in the Middle-East with many Arabs living peacefully - as equals - with Jews. Surrounded by those that hate them -- they are blamed for defending themselves? They are blamed while Palestinians squander opportunity after opportunity for their own state.

Just as a minority - African-Americans - feared the KKK because the KKK despised and tormented them; Israel - a Jewish minority in the Middle-East - fears the Arab majority that despises and torments them. In actuality, terrorists such as the PLO have far more in common with the KKK.

Third: Its great to hear some balance from an insider - thank you, Leila Beckwith.

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