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Re: Teens plan anti-governor march

Personally I feel that we have quite enough illegal immigrants polluting our country's workforce and such. To be historically cliched, I (and many others) believe that, for example, Hispanic aliens are pouring into this country, not making the effort to learn the language, USING their inability to understand in order to get undeserved financial assistence, reproducing like bacteria, causing non-hispanic citizens to HAVE to learn spanish in order to get by in every day events (like buying a cheeseburger at McDonalds), the list goes on but i don't mean to be offensive. My family moved to this country from Portugal looking for the opportunity of a better evironment, however we learned the language, we adopted the culture, we accepted our new surroundings and we take care of ourselves the legal way. We pay our taxes and have our own social security number that we obtained legitimately. This isn't to say we abandoned our home culture, we are still Portuguese and love our country and people dearly. The only reason why it seems that I am attacking hispanics is because I have yet to see another culture who has so STRONGLY defaced our country as they have. Look, I'm not some bigoted redneck from Samhill, Nowhere. I'm a young New Yorker who spent 12 years of my life in a home of Guatemalans, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Puerto Ricans, Argentinians, Mexicans and El Salvadorians. I know each culture like the back of my hand and each of them are so pathetically predictable. Honestly, I pray for the day that I meet a hispanic who has broken away from the typical lifestyle of their ancestors and maybe.. speaks english?
I regress. On the topic of getting rid of Arnold, I certainly agree one hundred percent. He is unfit for any position in politics and damaging to the welfare of our (hopefully) recovering nation. I've yet to hear about one positive step he's taken in bettering California's current state. He's a Hollywood Gov. elected by Hollywood not-a-care-in-the-world republicans, and most anyone else in California who isn't in stride with that crowd will be left behind. It's a sad story. I thought the sh*t hit the fan with Bloomberg being elected into New Yorks office. I pray for you, California.
I apologize for any offence that I have caused, but I stand by beliefs and anticipate being proven incorrect.

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