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Re: Senator Feinstein Makes 68 year old woman homeless in Santa Ana.

A Senator breeches a promise from Decemer 16, 2003 and when her constituent representative gets a call that Lee Murphy was denied her housing voucher she says, "The Senator's words are not written in gold you know!" I ask why not? Then to add salt into the wound, I receive two more letters on March 5th and March 15th. reaffirming that one, my granddaughter was not allowed to be a co-signor for housing, a blatant untruth; and two, I was not in their district sorry. Eight letters addressed to this senator just asking how I could have a "Fair Hearing" from the discriminatory practices of OCHA were all ignored. I find the worker I discharged still on my case after sending a certified letter to fire her to her Superintendent in San Francisco. Is this who I should be pushing my shopping cart with all my worldly possessions down to the polls to vote for? I think not. But Why, Mr. & Mrs. America is this not a newworthy story to be printed and to be made for public view? And, is there not one attorney left out there in this abuse of my civil rights and the unconstitutional procedures that happened, and occurs on a daily basis as lower positioned government workers bury those they wish to at a national level too...not a matter to address and investigate thoroughly? I cannot believe that some attorney would not follow his own oath, "He takes whomever becons to whatever destination may be commanded."

Write me when you can folks, for America...this can happen to any one of you!

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