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Re: Peter Lumsdaine on Democracy Now

There have always been those people who have made history, sacrificed for it, lived it, and become it. These men and women will be immortal. They will live forever through their legacy if not remembered by name. I do not believe that their goal is to make history, but to change what may in time become history.

So while these men and women make their way through life, in the mountains, fields, on outskirts a thousand sprawling metropolises, or on the war-torn lands of the 21st century empire, history drags its feet beneath them until the next time the people dare rise up in its path, bracing themselves for the storm to come.
That time is now.

I have the deepest respect for these 5 men and women and the deepest love for Peter and Meg Lumsdaine, as their daughterand step daoughter.

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