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Sun fuels Earth Day celebration

Sun fuels Earth Day celebration

April 27, 2003
Sentinel Staff Writer

Students at the outdoor Earth Festival at UC Santa Cruz were especially grateful for the sunny weather Saturday. But the rays did more than just fuel good moods — they provided some nice sound, too.

Everything requiring energy was powered by the sun at Saturday’s festival in the Quarry Amphitheater, including a sound stage with a couple of loud speakers, amplifiers and microphones.

The festival follows the annual April 22 observance of Earth Day.

Bright blue solar panels, propped next to the stage, took up about as much room as a gas-guzzling sport utility vehicle, and they provided unfailing energy all day long, compliments of environmental advocate Greenpeace.

"It’s a good thing it’s a nice day," Greenpeace campaigner Maureen Cane said as she squinted up at the sun.

The event, hosted by the Student Environmental Center, brought together students and staff to discuss the environmental consequences of war, renewable alternative energies, waste prevention and sustainable food systems in a series of workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations on campus.

"I would have loved to see more people show up," UCSC student Sylvan Cambier said, noting that turnout was not nearly as favorable as he had expected.

About 100 attendants were milling about mid-morning, but spirits were still high.

Greenpeace campaigners and other environmental activists set up information booths where attendants sampled organic foods, got free massages and browsed environmentally-sound goods.

And the solar-powered music by local jam band illumNation kept dreads bobbing and the environment sounding good.
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