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Bereaved parents planning anti-recruitment campaign
A group of bereaved parents has begun organizing an anti-induction campaign, aimed at getting recruits to refuse to join the IDF. The campaign will coincide with the annual August induction, when most high school graduates begin their three-year national service.

Gates Equal Continuous Suffering
On Monday, August 16, Occupation Forces began closing the Tura gate in Jenin District, which is used by five Palestinian villages. The villages, Tura, Um Rehan, Dhahr al Malih, Al Amrah and Ar Ra'adye are dependent on this gate and were annexed to the West by the Apartheid Wall.

Order to Uproot Olive Trees in Marda...Again
Just last week, settlers burnt some 60 trees in Marda and today it is the Occupation military that will be going to uproot more, all under the same pretense of "security of the road". Already, the village is separated because it no longer has any contact with the other villages beside it.

Sharon allows new settler homes in West Bank
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has approved the construction of 1,000 settler homes in the occupied West Bank, which were frozen earlier to avoid upsetting the United States. A cabinet official told AFP news agency that the bids would be published after site inspections by the housing minister.

U.S. doesn't condemn Israel for new settlement tenders
The United States on Tuesday refrained from condemning Israel for publishing tenders earlier in the day for the construction of some 1,000 new housing units in existing West Bank settlements.

Water wall
Control over water resources may provide a clue as to the purpose of this wall. Control over water resources has long been one of the primary objectives of Israeli settlement policy, even dating back to before the existence of Israel. It is no accident that the Gaza settlements lie on top of the Gaza Aquifer in the Strip.

Boy, 8, said killed in Nablus
The sources said the boy, identified as Khaled Kusta, was killed during clashes between IDF forces and youths in the area. Relatives said he was sitting outside eating a sandwich when he was hit. Nine other Palestinians...

PA, Israeli Arabs plan show of solidarity with hunger strikers
The Palestinian Authority has designated Wednesday as a day of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails... Acts of solidarity with the prisoners are also being planned by Israeli Arabs, including demonstrations slated for later this week across from prisons throughout the country.

Children of Political detainees: ‚Ä?Let us hug our parents‚Ä?
‚ÄúThe decision infringes the constitutional right to dignity; violates the child's right to receive love from both parents; contradicts and neglects the principle of acting in the best interests of the child; is discriminatory; and constitutes illegal and collective punishment‚Ä?, Baker said.

Arab League calls on UN to investigate Israeli prison conditions
The Arab League statement calls for "measures to be taken to oblige Israel to respect international conventions and to end crimes and violations of which the prisoners are victim". According to Mussa, Palestinian prisoners are covered by the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war.

PNA to submit issue of prisoners to UN: official
The Palestinian government is "carrying out large-scale contacts with the international community to raise the issue of prisoners in the United Nations," said Hassan Abu Lebda, Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei's chief of staff.

Scores of Civilians Arrested in WB
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Tuesday tens of civilians in various West Bank cities, witnesses said. Meanwhile, IOF escalated terror against several West Bank cities as it has been carrying out extreme attack operations against Ramallah, Nablus, Qalaqilya and Bethlehem.

Israeli army raids northern Gaza village
Backed by tanks and bulldozers, the army destroyed two Palestinian houses in eastern Beit Hanoun, they said.The Israeli troops stationed in the area opened heavy fire at the Palestinian houses, they added.

Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians in Khan Younis, Continues Rampage
Shadi Al-Laqan, 20, and Fadi Douhan, 20, were reportedly killed early on Tuesday by the Israeli occupying forces in the southern Gaza Strip City of Khan Younis, mainly near the illegitimate Israeli settlement of Atsmouna, Palestinian medical sources said.

Water and international law
It is also at the core of the settlement issue simply because one of the many considerations behind the location and building of settlements is water: Israel has been concentrating its settlement expansion policy over the water reservoirs in occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli Occupation Chokes the International Solidarity
A Tel Aviv District Court ordered a pro-Palestinian American activist Adam Wilson, a 28-year-old union organizer from New Orleans to deport from Israel by next Tuesday, the latest move in a series of the Israeli occupation clamp down measures to warp its immoral and illegal acts from the screen or being exposed.

Palestine makes Olympic debut
Like any Palestinian who wants to travel abroad, the team experienced many hardships on its way to Athens, for instance, the three-week-long closure of the Rafah terminal, the only outlet from Gaza to the outside world.

Palestinian commmader detained
Mr Sadaka, who has been on Israel's wanted list for three years, took command of the PFLP cells around Nablus after his predecessor Yamen Faraj was killed during heavy clashes with the Israeli army in Ain Beit Ilma on July 6.,4057,10483813%255E1702,00.html

Israeli plans for new West Bank homes killing roadmap: Erakat
"This is a very serious development and will lead to the burying of the roadmap," Erakat told AFP. "This shows that Sharon has no respect for any of the commitments that he has given to President Bush to dismantle the outposts and freeze construction in the settlements."

Egypt said to have reached deal with Hamas, Jihad on post-pullout Gaza
An agreement has apparently been reached by all the organizations to stop their attacks against Israelis in the Gaza Strip, including the firing of Qassam missiles. They have also agreed that the Palestinian Authority will conduct final status talks with Israel.

MI official: Palestinians plan to kidnap soldiers
Kuperwasser told a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that the Palestinian public is not going out of its way to aide the security prisoners, who announced a hunger strike on Sunday.

Court to rule Thursday on petitions in Greek island case
The High Court of Justice will rule Thursday on challenges to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz's decision against bringing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his son Gilad to trial in the Greek island bribery affair, the court announced on Tuesday.

Local authorities ordered to fire 2,200 school workers
The local authorities must fire 13 percent of school administrative workers - 2,200 in total - or cut all school administrative employees' salaries by 13 percent by September 1...

Eighty settler families file compensation demands
The families argued that compensation should cover the cost of an equivalent house inside the Green Line, the pain and suffering caused by loss of their community, the loss of work for people employed either in their own settlement or in nearby settlements, and moving costs.

The intellectual, the maestro, and the "piece process"
Daniel Barenboim, it seems, possesses some of the same endless energy and courage that Edward so miraculously conjured up throughout his illness, and especially in the last years of his life. In these dark times it is a powerful reminder that we too must pick up the slack and do our parts to fill in the emptiness left by Edward's departure.

Death and destruction across the divide
Tamar Trabelski, a teacher and mother of four, said: "We don't sleep here at night. We go to my parents and come back in the morning. They [the rockets] are rarely fired after 7.15 am. Hamas sees them as essential against Israel's military superiority. Israel has sophisticated defence systems against ballistic missiles but can do nothing to stop the unpredictable Qassams.,2763,1284418,00.html

It won't work without Europe
The limits of America's ability to act alone, in war as in peace, are becoming ever clearer, but those who seek an exclusive American involvement need not panic. After all, the differences between the United States and Europe regarding the nature of the final settlement between Israel and the Palestinians are minute, if they exist at all.

An Open Letter in Support of the Presbyterian Church's Decision to Divest from Israel
Our Campaign organizers strongly feel that non-violent resistance to Israel's oppression cannot win without solid, persistent and far-reaching pressures, like yours, applied by the international community against Israel to bring about its compliance with international law, the requirements for a genuine, just peace and for historical reconciliation in the Holy Land.

Iraqis continue to accuse US troops of pillaging civilian homes
Hundreds of claims alleging that US troops have stolen money and property during raids on Iraqi homes have been filed at the Iraqi Assistance Center in Baghdad, one of 60 such claims offices established across Iraq. Stealing from civilians in lands occupied or invaded is strictly addressed as a war crime by both the Geneva and Hague conventions of war.

Iraqi intelligence officer seized
The group calling itself the Brigades for Defending the Holy Sites named the intelligence officer as Usama Abd Al-Jabbar. The video tape showed the officer revealing his personal information to his captors. The armed group was also heard saying in the tape the capture was in response to the current fighting in Najaf city.

Fighting in Najaf exposes an unpopular, isolated Iraqi regime
Falah Hassan from the Shiite Political Council declared: ‚ÄúThe Iraqi government bears responsibility for what is going on in Najaf. It has brought US forces to hit our people in Najaf. Our demand is to halt the military operations in Najaf and other parts of Iraq. We will withdraw from the conference within 24 hours if our demands are not met.‚Ä?

Vatican ready to mediate in Najaf standoff
A spokesman for Sadr, whose foreces are locked in an intense battle inside the Shiite holy city with US and Iraqi troops, has already welcomed the proposal. But Vatican spokesman Ciro Benedettini told journalists on Tuesday the Holy See was only willing to mediate if requested to do so by both sides in the conflict.

New Confiscation Orders for the Apartheid Wall in Beit Jala
The order is for the confiscation of 200 dunums of Palestinian land on the northwest side of Beit Jala. If the Wall is completed in this area, 4000 dunums of the areas most fertile land will be isolated in order to accommodate for the expansion of the settlements of Gilo and Har Gilo.

PNA starts investigating cement scandal
The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) started on Sunday investigating allegations that some Palestinian companies sold imported cements to Israel for building the separation wall. Some Palestinian cements and construction companies, of which the owners are officials or members of the Palestinian cabinet, have been accused...

Palestinians in Israeli jails start hunger strike
"We declare, in the name of God, our national decision to launch an open hunger strike," the Palestinian Prisoners Society said in a statement, accusing Israel of "robbing us of all our rights, treading on our dignity and treating us like animals."

Prisoners on hunger strike to be force-fed if necessary
"The prisoners can strike for a day, a month, even starve to death, as far as I am concerned," Hanegbi told reporters Friday. However, Gabizon clarified Sunday that the Prisons Service did not really intend to allow the prisoners to starve to death.

Hamas warns Israel about prisoner abuse
The Palestinian Islamic Hamas group Sunday warned Israel against abusing Palestinian prisoners, saying it would "not pass without punishment." A statement issued by the head of Hamas' political bureau, Khaled Mishaal, said freeing the prisoners in Israeli jails was a priority for his movement.

Qureia: Prisoners part of final settlement
"I support the legal demands of the prisoners especially stopping the policy of the collective punishment and the terrorist repression that the prisons authorities are practicing against the prisoners," said Qureia.

Child Killed, other Wounded in the Gaza Strip
A 14-year- old Palestinian child died Sunday of wounds he sustained last week after having been shot by Israeli soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah... Earlier, Saturday overnight, Jihad Abu al-Miraj 13, was wounded in an explosion of an unknown object remaining behind the Israeli Occupation Forces...

Presbyterian economic drive targets Israel
The general assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) at its June meeting in Richmond, Va., authorized the church's staff to divest some of its nearly $8 billion holdings of companies that do business in Israel, a move reminiscent of efforts against South Africa's apartheid policy 25 years ago.

Three pedestrians killed in East Jerusalem road accident
Three Palestinian pedestrians were killed Sunday when a truck veered, mounted the sidewalk and hit them. The accident occurred in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood and the victims, two women and a man, were in their 30s. The cause of the accident is still unknown.

Palestinians in Beit Hanoun to get relief soon: FM
Shaath made the promise while he and a number of foreign ambassadors and consuls visited Beit Hanoun Saturday, who expressed astonishment at the destruction of the town brought by the Israeli Army. The once green town was reduced into a desert, denounced Shaath.

Hamas spells out policy on disengagement
The document reveals for the first time in writing Hamas' willingness to participate in running the Gaza Strip alongside the PA, and its conditions for taking part in such leadership. It takes as its starting point "the unity of the Palestinian matter," with "partners in blood, partners in decision making"

Arafat, Dahlan to meet to bridge gaps
The issue of nominating an interior minister with more power would also top on the meeting agenda, the sources said. The sources said after an agreement was reached, Arafat might name Dahlan a leading position in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

Egypt Likely to Limit its Anticipated Security Role in Gaza
According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Cairo was only ready to play an active rule under the following conditions... Apparently Israeli is not ready to meet such demands; therefore Israeli officials are expecting Egypt to limit its involvement.

July CPI drops 0.2 percent
In accordance with financial forecasts, the consumer price index dropped 0.2 percent in July, reflecting the continuation of the deep depression effecting the Israeli economy during the past two years. No change is expected in the inflation rate for the month of September

Immigrants to Israel hit new low
The flood is drying to a trickle. Israel is facing a population crisis with the number of Jewish immigrants moving to the strife-torn country falling to a 20-year low. The four-year Palestinian intifada and a crippling economic recession, which has cut benefits for new settlers, are believed to be behind the steep decline.

Feature: Palestine makes its first way to Athens
"We are waiting for the Palestinian team. It has not appeared yet," said Nedal Srasak, 23. "I think joining such a sports event is an indication that Palestinians dream to live as other nations in the world."An old man almost broke into tears, saying "How nice it is to see Palestine's flag fluttering in the sky with other nations' flags."

Mideast peace promoters sharply criticise Bush administration
"Part of the problem that we have with the current presidency is that it speaks the same language as some of our political leadership, and therefore eventually Israel is becoming more and more seen... as a mini-America in Middle East," he added.

Olympics Hit by Crisis Over Iran-Israel Contest
The International Judo Federation (IJF) failed to agree how to deal with the politically explosive issue at an emergency meeting and said it would hold further talks Monday. The burning issue was whether any penalty would hit Miresmaeili alone or the entire Iranian team.

Israel's pipe dream: getting oil from Iraq
Assuring Israel of an adequate oil supply has long been a goal not just of Israel itself, but also of pro-Israel factions in the United States. Thus emerged a controversial plan that is still kicking around even though its chief booster, Ahmad Chalabi, could soon be behind bars.

The snail from hell
Disengagement is still perceived as a possibility only, as a declaration of intent with a question mark floating over it. The not-quite-real-enough form that disengagement has taken has its price: It means that the lion's share of the public is unconnected to the process and uninterested in it.

Future Gaza victims play `Jews and Arabs'
On the night of May 2, 2003, Miller was shot to death in Rafah in an Israeli crossfire, on a night when the two were filming the bulldozing of a neighborhood suspected of harboring weapons tunnels. Miller's death actually serves as the hopeful coda for a film that wanted to show more,0,3865860.story?coll=sfla-features-headlines

Iranian judo champion refuses to fight Israeli
Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel, the conservative speaker of Iran's parliament, congratulated Miresmaili on his "brave decision."Ali Kafashian, deputy head of Iran's sports organization, suggested awarding Miresmaili a special prize because of his refusal.

Iran warns its missiles can hit anywhere in Israel
Iranian officials have made a point of highlighting the Islamic state's military capabilities in recent weeks in response to some media reports that Israeli or U.S. warplanes could try to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities in air strikes.

How to exit as an occupier
while the assault on the city of Najaf was at its height, the American reporter wanted to know whether the honorable ministers thought - he asked each of them to reply in turn - the Iraqi government would be able to gain the support of the public while American and other occupation forces were carrying out military operations in the name of the government.

Iraq conference collapses
More than 100 people leapt out of their seats as soon as UN special envoy to Iraq, Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, finished his opening speech, shouting "as long as there are airstrikes and shelling we can't have a conference".,,2-10-1460_1573208,00.html

Major assault imminent, fighting in Iraq holy city mars conference
"A major assault by forces will be launched quickly to bring the Najaf fight to an end," said interior ministry spokesman Sabah Kadhim. "This matter has to be brought to conclusion as fast as possible and we want to bring the situation to normalcy soon." Police ordered Iraqi and foreign journalists out of Najaf late Sunday.

Explosions Echo Throughout Najaf
The National Conference aims to give a broader spectrum of Iraqis a voice in the political process and increase the legitimacy of Allawi's interim government, which is deeply dependent on American troops and money even after the end of the U.S. occupation.

Eleven killed, 23 wounded in US air raid on Fallujah
Eleven Iraqis were killed and 23 others wounded in air raids overnight and early Sunday on Fallujah, west of Baghdad, medical sources said. The director of the Fallujah Hospital, Rafeh Hayyad, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that the casualties included many women and children...§ion=focusoniraq

Kidnappers of Iranian diplomat demand freedom of 500 Iraqis
Kidnappers of the Iranian diplomat Fereydoun Jahani demanded Sunday that Tehran release 500 Iraqis said to be captured during the 1980-1988 war between the two neighbors, the official IRNA news agency reported.

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