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IDF Probing 600 Suspected Cases of Abuse of Palestinians

IDF probing 600 suspected cases of abuse of Palestinians
By Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondent, 19.08.2004 15:55

Brigadier General Finkelstein: 56 IDF soldiers have been convicted
The Military Police has launched 600 investigations into suspected cases of abuse of Palestinians by Israel Defense Forces soldiers since the start of the intifada in September 2000, Judge Advocate General Menachem Finkelstein told the Knesset's Constitution, Justice and Law Committee on Wednesday.

Among the cases under investigation, 88 relate to shootings in which Palestinians were killed, 217 are probes into violent offences, and 181 are for alleged looting of property.

Another 114 cases are under investigation for various offenses, including delays at checkpoint and the use of human shields.

Brigadier General Finkelstein said that 90 indictments have been submitted against soldiers for offenses against Palestinians - 34 for looting, 23 for violence, 22 for shootings and 11 for other offenses.

So far, Finkelstein said, 56 IDF soldiers have been convicted, mainly for violence and theft. Some of the convicted soldiers received jail sentences.

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