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Suit Seeks to Ban Kids From Eating Oreos

AP - Mon May 12, 8:37 PM ET

Kids in California may have to give up their Oreos, if a lawsuit filed by a San Francisco public interest lawyer is successful.


At first, I thought: "How cute." But then I read the article. It's chilling.

Here's what I found most compelling:

The National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine… said last summer that this kind of fat should not be consumed at all. It is directly associated with heart disease…


Informing customers about trans fats on food labels could prevent 7,600 to 17,100 cases of coronary heart disease and 2,500 to 5,600 deaths per year…


Even food labeled "low in cholesterol" or "low in saturated fats" may have high percentages of trans fats.



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