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S.C. police messed up

Letters to the Editor

October 7, 2004

The Santa Cruz Police Department’s failure to respond to help the federal officers shutting down Free Radio Santa Cruz was either a colossal failure of communication or an exercise in political correctness run amok. If the latter is the case, the chief of police is indeed between a rock and a hard place trying to comply with the law or keeping right with his superiors, some of whom support the unlawful radio station.

SCPD went to the home of Free Radio Santa Cruz not all that long ago and evicted them from a premise they occupied. The radio folks resisted their ouster with violent and disgusting outbursts. Surely somebody remembered that.

Come on Howard Skerry, chief of police, level with us. Was it a failure to communicate either within your department or with the feds, or was it deemed politically correct to lay off Free Radio Santa Cruz? How would you feel if you called the sheriff and asked for back up and Tracy answered, "Sorry, I can’t afford it."

Personally, I prefer to believe that there was an internal communications gaff at SCPD and you should apologize to the feds.



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