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Free Radio Update

Jan. 19, 1999

You've killed your television, but you've still got Days of Our Lives on the radio dial. Disappointed with last week's NFU, Brian, a Free Radio Santa Cruz host, says the station is "strictly a collective" and "do not have a station manager," and that it was a consensus decision by the collective to let Merlin go, because he didn't follow station policy. Merlin did not attend the 15-person meeting on Jan. 9. While racy content generated some phone complaints on previous shows, this was not the basis for his dismissal, according to Brian. V-Man at Free Radio Santa Cruz reportedly was served with a citation from a FCC representative last Friday.

I saw the epic video of Merlin's last show. It is bizarre. There is some mild lesbian banter on the air, the bulk of which comes from the hammy mouth of Merlin's co-host, Hans Groper (who resigned on the air last Saturday). The video features an entertaining verbal tirade and door punching from another radio host after Merlin airs a confidential voice mail of that same radio host on the air.

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