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Merlin Walks the Plank

Jan. 12, 1999

Free Radio Santa Cruz DJ Merlin needs your help. While doing an interview with Live Wire on Jan. 4, Merlin said some derogatory things about lesbians and the porn industry. The radio station received complaints from a few offended parties, and Free Radio's management (yes, even pirate radio has management) fired him Jan. 10. Merlin doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and it was most likely that King Cobra was holding court when he said those stupid things. As Free Radio Santa Cruz's only local DJ who cares about local musicians, Merlin makes Santa Cruz bands feel as if they are important. Plus the streets of Santa Cruz are a lot safer with Merlin on the radio than sitting on a bench and chanting "Owner of a Lonely Heart" to every passerby. Call Free Radio Santa Cruz's voice mail at 427.4523 and tell them to bring back Santa Cruz's biggest, most engaging radio personality.

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Re: Merlin Walks the Plank

Why this about Merlin now?

What was said on Free Radio was meant to be a joke. I remember it being his sidekick "Hans Groper" saying in his silly accent, "We have nothing against lesbians, if it wasn't for lesbians where would the porn industry be?"

Merlin is a nice guy who isn't very politically motivated. What was said was meant to be a joke, said by a caricature act that was part of their show, it was nothing more.

Re: Merlin Walks the Plank

This is one of an avalanche of stories written about FRSC over the years which was posted in recent days because of the 10 year anniversary of the station. It is part of an archive of the FRSC history.

Merlin was 'keel hauled' for a long pattern of abusing his station priveldges, included, but not limited to, exceeding the guest limit in the station numerous times, drunken verbal abuse of other dj's, and violating the station's content guidelines.

I personally had many disagreements with Merlin during his nearly two years w/ FRSC. But when he went to jail for three months, I was the only FRSC dj who went to visit him in jail. I also put twenty bucks on his books.

I was not sorry to see him go. He was a huge drain on our collective.

Merlin and the Idle Hands Show can now be seen twice a month on Community TV, where they are *much* less tolerant of such behavior...


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