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Knuckle Rap


Sept. 3, 2003

"So the FCC won't let me be," rapped Eminem in "Without Me."

Now come rumors that his smack-talking lyrics are the new theme song over at Santa Cruz's Free Radio after the FCC rattled their cage last week with the delivery of a not-so-nice warning letter.

"They gave us a notice of an unlicensed radio operation," says FR's Vinny "V Man" Lombardo, who reports that with just 10 days to respond, FR is trying to get City Council support--a move that would echo San Francisco's recent passage of a strongly worded ordinance encouraging the right of San Francisco Liberation Radio to broadcast and discouraging law enforcement from harassing the station, which got its own FCC knuckle rap in July.

Adding to Free Radio's rancor quotient is the fact that after broadcasting for eight years at 96.3FM, Christian Rock Channel Air One was granted a license this August at that exact same frequency, although it only put in an application this summer and had previously broadcast at 95.9FM.

"And now they've put up a directional antenna in Watsonville, which has cut off a big chunk of our listeners east of Morrissey Avenue. We get calls saying 'We miss you guys' and are we gonna move?" the V-Man reports.

Check out for details of what you can do to help.

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