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Governor's critics get ready for protest

Joe Livernois of the Monterey Herald wrote:

"Representatives of the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center are also encouraging Santa Cruz residents to show up in Salinas to "shout down" Schwarzenegger."

Here's a reply:

Not exactly, Joe.

Here's the deal. Santa Cruz Independent Media Center maintains an open publishing newswire. There are no "representatives" of SC-IMC. There are SC-IMC volunteers, but that is a big difference from "representatives." Volunteers do all sorts of things; tech work, outreach, newswire moderation and promotion of articles from the right column to the center column. But, SC-IMC volunteers do not represent any text, audio, photos or video published on this website.

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"Santa Cruz Indymedia is not a membership organization; it is a tactic, a concept, and a movement that can be effectively utilized in many different ways."

Also, Joe, I'm guessing that you are refering to this article here:

Shout Down Schwarzenegger in Salinas May 11!

when you write, "Representatives of the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center are also encouraging Santa Cruz residents to show up in Salinas to "shout down" Schwarzenegger."

Where does that article say anything about "encouraging Santa Cruz residents to show up in Salinas..."? The article does not say that at all. It seems to me that GROPE THIS!, the author of the article, is encouraging everyone to protest Arnold, not just Santa Cruz residents.

What? The website has "Santa Cruz" in the title so that means only people from Santa Cruz read it and write it?


Posted on Tue, May. 10, 2005

Governor's critics get ready for protest

Activists prepared if he shows up


Herald Salinas Bureau

The governor may or may not be coming to Salinas on Wednesday, but activists aren't taking any chances. They are mobilizing their forces to protest his presence.

Hundreds of people are expected to show up for a Salinas rally against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's policies although the governor might be elsewhere.

As of Monday, Schwarzenegger's appearance in Salinas to help dedicate the new California Highway Patrol headquarters was strictly a rumor. His press office said the governor doesn't reveal his schedule publicly until a day before an event. And the CHP's invitations to the open house for its new office do not mention an appearance by Schwarzenegger.

But the rumor has generated a major mobilization of activists on the Central Coast who are planning to show up at the CHP's new office on Blanco Road. Nurses, teachers, students, immigration activists, home-care workers and firefighters are all planning to show up.

"There's been a lot of speculation that he is coming, but I haven't heard anything," said Commander Pat Camara, chief of the Monterey division of the Highway Patrol.

"My guess is that when we sent out the invitations, the governor's name was on the letterhead and people saw that and thought he would be coming. I think that's what has fueled the speculation. It's really spread like wildfire."

Camara said the invitations were sent to all of the state's elected officials, including the governor. But sending invitations to all elected leaders is a routine gesture that is standard for most state-sanctioned events.

"If he's coming, nobody's told me," he said. "I don't speak for the governor."

If Schwarzenegger does come, it will be his first public appearance in Salinas and the first in Monterey County since he stumped for several ballot initiatives in Monterey on the eve of last November's elections.

Unlike his previous appearances, Schwarzenegger's won't be greeted by all friendly faces when he shows up Wednesday, if he does show up.

Sergio Sanchez, a representative of Local 817 of the Service Employees International Union in Salinas, said his union will mobilize hundreds of senior citizens, people with disabilities, children and union members to protest Schwarzenegger's recent initiatives.

"We want to let him know how much we love him," said Sanchez, also a member of the Salinas City Council. "Schwarzenegger has declared war on workers, immigrants, seniors, children and people with disabilities with his current and proposed policies."

Coincidentally, SEIU is sending three buses filled with caregivers and their clients to Sacramento today to stage a protest on the Capitol steps against Schwarzenegger's proposal to decrease wages to home-care workers.

On Wednesday, however, SEIU workers will be joined by nurses, teachers and firefighters who oppose recent proposals they believe undercut their professions.

Representatives of the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center are also encouraging Santa Cruz residents to show up in Salinas to "shout down" Schwarzenegger.

However, it could turn out that the protesters might simply be shouting down a routine open house for the state's latest Highway Patrol office.

Recent polls show that Schwarzenegger is still generally popular in California, though his numbers are slipping in the face of organized resistance to many of his proposals.

Nurses in California, for instance, have dogged him at many of his public appearances because they oppose his involvement in efforts to thwart improved nurse-to-patient ratios.

Teachers are still running commercials on California television stations that criticize Schwarzenegger for "reneging" on his promise to fully fund education in the coming budget and for his proposal to link teachers' pay to merit, rather than tenure.

Joe Livernois can be reached at 753-6753 or

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