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Some commentary in the Jewish press about the Shehada targeted killing Becky Johnson 05 Mar 2005 1.14
Inside a compassionate pot plantation Charlene Laino / MSNBC 1997 (fwd by Van) 07 Sep 2002 1.14
As for the peanut gallery... anti-Bigot 06 Jan 2005 1.14
Re: Free Palestine Utopia Bold 04 Mar 2005 1.14
Re: Zionism, Nazism, and Radical Islam -A History Lesson For Becky Johnson Steve Argue 31 Mar 2004 1.14
Re: Say You Want A Revolution! East Side, West Side: Logic on Why One Should Vote Steven Argue 03 Nov 2004 1.13
The Smoking Gun Liberation News 22 Feb 2005 1.13
"You, ct, quite well fit several of the above descriptions." Critical Thinker 31 Jan 2005 1.13
Press Release on Arrrests at Minuteman Rally Saturday D.B. (from Indybay) 31 Oct 2005 1.12
End Goal of the Next Industrial Revolution Aaron Vallejo 16 Feb 2005 1.12
to Jack Van 27 Mar 2003 1.12
write your own fucking article ~Bradley 11 Mar 2004 1.12
Peace and Justice News - Network eyes and ears 03 Jul 2003 1.12
More On Social Darwinism Wanna My Pet My Dragon? 10 Feb 2005 1.11
Re: Hollywood Blockbuster Sets Sights on Global Warming Joe D. 15 Jun 2004 1.11
Re: US Soldiers Resisting the Iraq War Former NCO 10 May 2005 1.11
Election Fraud or Electorate Apathy? Night Owl 08 Nov 2004 1.11
Increase in Rise of Police Violence Recently Robert Norse 07 Nov 2004 1.11
Re: My Account From Free Radio Santa Cruz dave 30 Sep 2004 1.10
For Bobby Jerry 17 Apr 2003 1.10
An Injury to One is an Injury to All Elaine Charkowski 23 Oct 2004 1.10
Problematic record of human rights organizations Critical Thinker 13 Jan 2005 1.09
Re: 20,000 Still Trapped In New Orleans please post text 03 Sep 2005 1.09
Israeli Army Continues its Killing Spree in the Gaza Strip Kristen Ess 09 Mar 2003 1.09
Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz lik roper 23 Jan 2005 1.09
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