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Revolt on the floor

Pledged, but not bound??!!!
We need to do more this summer than just complain about how horrible it all is and accept our fate.
Pledged, but not bound??!!!
We need to do more this summer than just complain about how horrible it all is and accept our fate.

Did you all know that the delegates to the national convention are "pledged, but not bound, to reflect the conscience of the candidate they were chosen to represent"

We need to tell John Kerry he is only the 'presumptive nominee' and he ought to stop presuming.

Reasons for revolt
1. Open up discussion on Iraq, health care, and other issues the democrats care about. Kerry is not representing the will of the democratic party.
2. John Kerry has changed his stance on Israel, now completly supporting the Wall in violation of the recent world court ruling stating "I am deeply dissappointed by today's international court of justice ruling related to Israel's security fence. It is a legitimate response..."
3. Kerry has indicated he wants to increase the war on terror 'take it to the enemy on every continent'
4. This candidate does not appear 'electable' as previously thought. A candidate taking the opposite stance of Bush would be running away with this election.
5. John Kerry has not taken the opportunity to use Fahrenheit 911 to his advantage. Michael Moore has exposed to the world that this war in Iraq was based on faulty intelligence and an incompetent leader. Kerry has not seen the movie and continues to support Bush's lies.
6. It has emerged that what is happening in Iraq is a popular uprising, and that the Iraqis want us to leave. Kerry continues to cover for the bush administration by pretending that all is better in Iraq at the same time planning on sending more troops. Kerry pretends the 'handover' to CIA operative Allawi was a success when everyone else knows it was a sham to help Bush look better before the election. Why would Kerry cover for Bush?
7. Kerry appears to be running for the republican vote, based on the idea that they like Bush's policies but not Bush. Most people who choose not to vote for Bush are doing so because they feel the war in Iraq was based on lies, so why would they turn to Kerry who supports those lies?

Dennis Kucinich will make the changes our country is dying for. WE cannot let this opportunity pass.

Just imagine the crowds shouting from outside WE WANT DENNIS WE WANT DENNIS WE WANT DENNIS until they fucking hear us!!!! Passionless Kerry will shrivel up and slink away. We have a right to be pissed off, and demand more from the party of the people!

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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Re: Revolt on the floor

Kerry is such an ass! Why DO we have to put up with him? Is he the best we have to offer? Does anyone know ANYONE in Cali that voted for him in the primaries? This guy has friends in high places, and diebold was decertified after the primary? Maybe you all should hold another primary. Do you really believe he won california?????


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