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Now or Never for the Biscuit -- Cascadia EcoDefense this month!

With the first auction of the Biscuit Sales (the largest logging project in the modern history of the Forest Service) set for Friday July 16th, it is Now or Never for Oregon's Wild Siskiyous! The sales are not subject to legal action due to "emergency status determination." The "emergency" is that the trees might rot and be worth less money if the process is slowed by public participation and legal action. Protests at the first five Biscuit Auctions on Friday are followed by a camp out at one of the auctioned sales. Events from slideshows to action camps are staking up to culminate August 27th - 30th with the Cascadia EF! Summer Rendevous, also in the Biscuit. On July 30th, A "Summer Celebration of Life" brings together musicians, artists, and activists in a benefit for the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund; Tre is wanted by US authorities for an alleged arson, and is seeking refugee status in Canada. From July 31st - August 2nd, the Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Rising EcoDefense will be hosting an Action Camp at the Straw Devil timber sale near Eugene, Oregon. Throughout the next month there will be a hike and camp-out at Medicine Lake, a site sacred to local indigenous groups and threatened by Calpine and Halliburton's development through Bush's energy policy. Mark your calendars now to sing and dance with us as we prepare to defend the Siskiyous and all of Cascadia.

[ Pdx Indymedia Forest Page | O2 Collective (Siskiyou area) | Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense ]

Contact Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense to offer/request a ride to most events!

Pdx Indymedia Forest Page | O2 Collective | Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense | 1. July 16th -July 18th (Biscuit Area, Oregon): The first five sales of the Biscuit Salvage Plan (the largest logging project in the modern history of the US Forest Service), which are unappealable under Emergency Status Determination, are expected to be auctioned at the Medford Forest Service (Medford Oregon) office on Friday, July 16th. The sales are called: Flat Top, Indie, Fiddler, Berry and Cedar. All can be logged almost immediately thereafter. Prospectus and maps for each sale are available at local Forest Service offices. Following the auction, July 16th-18th there will be a campout at the Indie Sale, in the Biscuit Salvage Area. Contact Wild Siskiyou Action 541-482-2640 /! Read the latest update on the Biscuit sale...

2. July 17th (Klamath Falls, Oregon) : Four Native Klamath Tribes are heading to Southern Oregon to save Klamath Salmon and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) this weekend. There is an anti-ESA republican congressional hearing this weekend in Klamath Falls, OR in which there is a protest organized by the Klamath Tribes, whom like most of the public, are not invited to testify. The Tribes are welcoming folks from the environmental community to come and join them Sunday morning. Read more!

3. July 17/18-Aug 7th (Fossill Creek, Oregon): Blue Mountains Straw Bale Construction.
After expanding to monitor 4 National Forests and a BLM district, the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project has out grown their space! Help Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project build a Straw Bale office as a small scale alternative building experiment to meet their expanding office needs. Volunteers, materials and
donations are needed, as well as experienced ground-truthers to continue surveying sales while the construction is going on. Read more!

4. July 24th (Portland, Or): Beyond Civilization Slideshow.
Join Wildroots for an evening of pictures and words that demonstrate the range of lifeways possible in opposition to industrial civilization. We will examine radical homesteading, primitive skills, protest and resistance culture, edible landscaping, permaculture, sustenance through wild plants and road-kill, building out of both wild and natural materials, "appropriate" technology, squatting, food politics, urban foraging, bioregionalism and more. Read more!

5. July 30th: Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund Benefit.
A SUMMER CELEBRATION OF LIFE!! Join us for an evening of Word, Music & Art with Julia Butterfly, Circle of Life Foundation
& Friends to benefit the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund (TALDF) & Earth Mother! Read more!

6. July 31st-Aug 1st : Hike and campout at Medicine Lake.
This is the first of several campouts and hikes scheduled this summer at the beautiful and endangered Medicine Lake. This sacred, wild area would be turned into miles of clearcuts (for transmission lines), toxic slump ponds, new roads, pipelines, and cooling towers. Native American Spiritual freedom, recreation, and the wild natural beauty of the area, along with California’s largest spring system are all threatened by Bush's Energy Policy and Capline's development plans. Read more!

7. July 31st - August 2nd: Straw Devil Action Camp. The Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense we be holding an Forest Defense Training Camp at the Straw Devil Timber Sale. Workshops will include Direct Action skills, ecology, forest issues 101, organizing skills, climb trainings, etc. 4 days of free food and camping!! Read more!!

8. August 27th - 30th: Cascadia EF! Summer Rendezvous: NOW OR NEVER FOR THE SISKIYOUS!
Newly formed Cascadia EF! will host a weekend of trainings, workshops, organizing, and celebrating life and activism. Come learn how to climb trees, monitor logging projects, and perform field checking of the agency's timber sales. Help organize blockades, treesits and other forms of civil disobedience. Come and sing and dance with us as we join in defense the the Siskiyous. Read more!


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