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LIBERTY BOUND "is the film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' wishes it was

Comments are pouring in from viewers in France and the USA about Christine Rose's incendiary documentary "Liberty Bound."

"St Michel extends LIBERTY BOUND to six showings daily."

The only theatre in Paris showing Christine Rose’s premiere documentary LIBERTY BOUND is finding the crowd overwhelming! After for showing 4 times daily, they had to add two additional showings per day due to the increasing demand. In North America, the promotional DVDs are 'going fast.'

LIBERTY BOUND has been compared to veteran filmmaker Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11? on several occasions. Although they deal with similar subject matter, PR entrepreneur Mari Eliza of the San Francisco Bay Area says “They are totally different. The audience seems to be more emotionally moved by LIBERTY BOUND.?

French Distributors Andre Lazare and Patrick Gimenez saw “Fahrenheit? at Cannes. They claim that LIBERTY BOUND is “a more intelligently made film? than Moore’s “Fahrenheit.? They continue their review by stating that while “Fahrenheit? is a great Anti-Bush film, it goes no deeper than that; whereas LIBERTY BOUND has more social significance and isn’t just targeted at the Bush Family or Bush Administration, but rather the entire system of government and society in the United States.

Among the comments made from viewers:

"It's a great film loaded with important facts and information for thinking people. Thanks for your work." - Judith in California

"It was amazing. It was powerful in ways that will have me feeling it for a long time. It totally avoids the head butting of a "left vs right" diatribe but rather frames the most important questions of our time in a thoughtful, reasoned manner. Which makes the ulitmate horror of these truths all the more clear...I was captivated from the opening shot. This is the film "Fahrenheit 911" wishes it was (and I loved that movie too.) Having Howard Zinn so beautifully state his views was a great coup. I hope that everyone sees this movie. Thanks for having the vision and the courage." - Chris in California

"An excellent documentary. I will tout it's value to all the people I know. Thank you so very much. The information must get out!" - Kathleen in Connecticut

"This flick was a seamless blend of the sheer fear card that the Bush administration has been playing on the citizens of this country. In all honesty, I feel that hard core Republicans would actually be moved by this film because it goes beyond the tried and true "conspiracy" formula and gives the viewer real facts and situations." - Cody in Ohio

"My daughter and I just watched "Liberty Bound." We were glued to the TV. - Bambi in California

“…magnificent and I've been sending everybody and anyone in Paris to see it. I sent your site to a friend in NY and he ordered a copy of the film.? - James in Paris

?This documentary opens the eyes of us, here in France - the way of controlling, carried out by the obsession of safety in the United States.? - Kathleen in Paris

?I finally got to see it yesterday and I loved it! I really enjoyed Dr. Zinn's interventions, they were very clear and easy to understand, but he managed to explain complicated concepts.? - Mona in Paris

?I saw Christine Rose's film this afternoon in Paris, and I found it really interesting, ... it's a courageous film, and I would like to congratulate her for her work.? - Christine in Paris

?I urge any American to see it, whatever their political views. It is important that they see what damage is being done to 'freedom' in their country.? - Alex P. (from the LIBERTY BOUND listing on IMDB)

?The interviews are astounding, often chilling. As an American living in Paris, I'm afraid I'd have a problem with the Patriot Act if I went back to the States. I had no idea how it can demolish individual human rights and privacy. Tampering with Constitutional rights, such as free speech, I thought that was illegal, anti-American and downright treason! The list of countries the USA has bombed in the past few years is quite impressive also. My sincerest thanks to Ms Christine Rose for making this film. I'm telling everyone about it and will do my best to send as many people as possible to see it.? - James W. (from the LIBERTY BOUND listing on IMDB)

The LIBERTY BOUND DVD is now available through the official website at


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