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Guerilla Drive-In Support and Snubs

Who is Maynard Manson and why doesn't he like us? Will the SCPD go the extra mile to support GDI? Why Randall Graham rocks.
FYI, just wanted to give you an update on who is supporting Guerilla Drive-In and who's snubbed us.

MAYNARD MANSON, local property owner, landlord, and real estate developer, who has worked with the Santa Cruz Redeveloped Agency and worked to support homeless shelters and services, owns our former site on Dubois Street. Various biographies for boards he is on describe him thusly: "Maynard currently focuses on investment activities in new ventures and contributes much of his time to civic and community endeavors." Apparently, he doesn't consider Guerilla Drive-In a community endeavor worth his while, as he has twice now refused to let us use his empty lot on Dubois.

His admin who, at first was supportive and was "sure he'd go for it" later called to say they were concerned that we focused on "reclaiming public space and urban wasteland." They pointed out that the Dubois site is neither public nor wasteland, thank you very much.

You are welcome to call, write, FAX, or visit him to express your support of Guerilla Drive-In. Maynard Manson, Wave Crest Development, 530 Chestnut, Santa Cruz 95060. Phone: 831-423-2100 Fax: 831-423-2134

LT. COLLEEN MCMAHON of the SCPD is responsible for Special Event Permits, the category under which our use of the underside of the Soquel Bridge falls into. Normally, this is the process you'd go through if you were holding a Pepsi Fun Run, or Coors Wave Rider Competition, or whatever. The usual conditions of a Special Event Permit are one million dollars in liability insurance (yes, you read that right), a $75 to $150 application fee, clean up deposit of $150 to $1000, sound permit fee of $33, and considerations for additional police protection, medical support, fire control, santiary facilities, and extra garbage, parking, and private security. Uh, hardly within our means.

Given our great track record, I and the SCPD are still optimistically hopeful that they might be willing to waive all of these fees and requirements to support Guerilla Drive-In.

I'd recommend calling or writing Lt. McMahon at the SCPD to voice your support of GDI. 155 Center Street, Santa Cruz 95060. Phone: 831-420-5840

RANDALL GRAHAM, owner and mad genious behind Bonny Doon Vineyard gave the okay for the use of a narrow strip of BDV property along the railroad tracks on the westside for the next couple Guerilla Drive-In showings. Their major concern was not so much that it might inconvenience them, but that their loud winery equipment might interfere with the movie later in the summer during the grape harvest. If it turns out we have a conflict, we still will likely need a site in late August, so keep looking.

You can send them support and kudos at

MARTIN BERNAL, Santa Cruz Assistant City Manager who is tenetatively supportive of Guerilla Drive-In and said nice things to the press about us.

You can reach the city manager's office at 809 Center Street, Room 10 Santa Cruz 95060. Phone: 831-420-5010

And mostly, thanks goes to YOU for supporting Guerilla Drive-In through your supportive emails and calls, donations, and attendance at GDI showings.

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Re: Guerilla Drive-In Support and Snubs

Oh! How could I forget:

THE MEMBERS OF THE SANTA CRUZ CITY COUNCIL, all of whom received this letter from Guerilla Drive-In, did not send back one reply, supportive, advisory, disdainful, skeptical, or otherwise. You can reach the Santa Cruz City Council at 809 Center Street, Room 10, Santa Cruz 95060. (831) 420-5020 citycouncil (at)


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