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Michael Moore is a Shill for the Zionists

By the way, do a Google search on Michael Moore's agent Ari Emmanual and his brother Rahm Emmanual. See what you come up with.
Michael Moore is a shill for the Zionists because in his doc F9-11, he goes along with the Zionists' continual demonization of Arabs with all the Arab-bashing and bashing President (Current Chief Zionist Puppet) Bush and COMPLETELY ignores the leading role of the NeoConservatives (mostly Zionist Jews, and a few Christian Zionists) in engineering the war on Iraq for the sake of "security" for Israel. The Neocons maybe even helped to orchestrate 9-11 for all we know, with the help of the Mossad.

Zionists are famous for these kinds of false flag operations--- making it look like Arabs bombed this or that American target, framing Arabs in other words, to get America to fight Arab countries. Israel (and the Jewish Zionists in this country who are really Israeli-Americans) wants to control the US and the Middle East all by itself and wants no competition. Do a google search on "Lavon Affair" and also on to see the treacherous manner in which Israel treats the US.

The documentary that you really MUST SEE and really gets so much more closer to the truth than MM's F-9-11 is the new documentary "Hijacking Catastrophe" which has been playing in the Bay Area. Do a Google search on it and BUY it and show it to everyone you know. They hit the nail on the head with the role of the NeoCons, lead by Sec. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

The only trouble is the Kerry is going to be just as bad if not worse than Bush--- it's a fact! He is 120% pro-Israel!

That's why I advocate that you vote for Nader, the ONLY anti-war presidential candidate and he also is critical of the blind unconditional support our government gives to the apartheid, racist, genocidal, rogue, terrorist Zionist Jewish state of Israel.

For more info:

And check out the NeoCons' very own infamous website at
It's the website of their think-tank organization PNAC (Project for a New American Century). You will see that they called for a Pearl-Harbor style catastrophe in order to get public opinion behind an endless war starting with Iraq.

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Re: Michael Moore is a Shill for the Zionists

You can vote for Nader in California and still Kerry will win. As BAD as Kerry is, BUSH is BADDER. Bush is a COMPLETE disaster, whereas Kerry is bad, but not THAT bad.
California is a "safe" state-- where Kerry will most definately win no matter what. So I believe it's good to make a statement and vote for Nader in California to show support for the ONLY anti-war candidate who also does not want to continue on wtih the status quo with regards to our government's blind, unconditional support of the terrorist rogue racist, apartheid state of Israel, which has defied over 70 UN Resolutions and breaks International Law every single day with the demolishing of Palestinians' homes, illegal confiscation of Palestinian land, extrajudicial assassinations and so on.

Re: Michael Moore is a Shill for the Zionists

You are correct! However; Kerry will steer USA in right direction. We are in a free fall situation at present. You are in for some big surprises if you think Kerry & bu$h are the same. They are not the same. You are being blinded by left brain overuse.

Re: Michael Moore is a Shill for the Zionists

"The Neocons maybe even helped to orchestrate 9-11 for all we know, with the help of the Mossad."

And maybe there is a pink elephant behind the garage for all we know.


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