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Nader and his supporters have become what they hate!

Ralph Nader and his supporters exhibiting the same behaviours that they denounce in the Democrats!
Ralph Nader and his supporters were furious by intentional refusal to publicly recognize his candidacy in 1996 and 2000. The Democrats and Republicans pretended that he didn't exist. Now, in 2004 Nader is pretending that the Green Party Candidate for President doesn't exist. Here is an excerpt from a recent article in a major newspaper from Cairo:

"Good luck to the Greens," said Kevin Zeese, Nader's national spokesman. "Nader plans to make this a three-way race between Nader, Bush and Kerry."

The above demonstrates that Nader plans to employ the same tactic that he and his supporters didn't like when it was employed by the Democrats against Nader.

Also, one of the big complaints this year from Nader and his supporters is the efforts allegedly being made by Democrats to keep Nader off of the ballot in some states, while in Utah and perhaps some other states there are Nader supporters who are actively working to keep the Green Party Presidential Nominee (David Cobb) from being on the ballot.

These two examples of blatant hypocrisy have turned at least one Nader supporter into a strong critic of the one-time "champion of the consumer".

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