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John Parker, who accompanied Ramsey Clark on the 1998 mission to Sudan, is the 2004 presidential candidate for Workers World Party.]

By John Parker

[John Parker is the Workers' World Party candidate for president and Liberation News has given critical support to his campaign. We declare without sugar coatings for the Democrats: U.S./Britain/UN Out Of Iraq and Afghanistan! U.S./France Keep Your Bloody Hands Off Of Sudan! No Vote Or Support To Pro-War Kerry and Bush! John Parker For President! Build The Anti-Imperialist Movement!]

Oil and the disappointing results for U.S. imperialist designs in Iraq have brought the continent of Africa into even greater focus.

The pieces are being assembled to further U.S. imperialist aims in Sudan. Already the Bush administration has forced sanctions and has assembled troops in the region under United Nations cover.

Washington is using the tragedy in Western Sudan to justify its actions. UN sources estimate at least 30,000 people have been killed and more than a million others displaced by the conflict.

More than 100,000 people marched in Khartoum, Sudan's capital, Aug. 4 to protest against any foreign intervention. Marchers said they were ready to fight against the invaders, the BBC reported.

As stated by an Aug. 2 Guardian article, many people have failed to notice the primary motivation for this renewed interest: "The absence of anti-war skepticism about the prospect of sending troops into Sudan is especially odd in view of the fact that Darfur has oil.

"For two years, campaigners have chanted that there should be 'no blood for oil' in Iraq, yet they seem not to have noticed that there are huge untapped reserves in both southern Sudan and southern Darfur.

"As oil pipelines continue to be blown up in Iraq, the West not only has a clear motive for establishing control over alternative sources of energy, it has also officially adopted the policy that our armies should be used to do precisely this. Oddly enough, the oil concession in southern Darfur is currently in the hands of the China National
Petroleum Company. China is Sudan's biggest foreign investor."

In August 1998 then-President Clinton bombed Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world, using fabricated evidence to accuse Sudan of manufacturing chemical weapons. Following the bombing, a fact-finding mission in 1998 that included former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark gathered and reported first-hand evidence exposing U.S. terror against Sudan.

The report noted that the bombed Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant had produced over 50 percent of Sudan's medicines. This included 90 percent of the most critically needed drugs. Bombing that plant caused the suffering and death of tens of thousands of innocent people, many of them children, by depriving them of basic medicines against malaria,
tuberculosis, and other easily treatable diseases.

The bombing followed a policy of destabilizing Sudan that intensified under the first George Bush presidency after the Sudanese government refused to support the 1991 war on Iraq. Washington considered Sudan a rogue nation and the Bush administration pushed the UN into sponsoring sanctions. The year before Sudan refused to join U.S. imperialism's war on Iraq Bush called Sudan a good role model for "democracy."

The Aug. 1 Sunday Telegraph reported that U.S. Marines based in Camp Lemonier in nearby Djibouti are undertaking special anti-terrorist operations in Sudan and the Horn of Africa.

The Sudanese government has attempted to accommodate the U.S. by allowing small teams of U.S. soldiers to pass into the country as part of official visits. This happened last month on Secretary of State Colin Powell's trip. Despite these conciliatory steps, Sudan is now under threat of international invasion. In actuality the invasion has already started.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that a team of five Special Forces soldiers broke off from the Powell entourage for a weeklong mission in the Kurush Mountains. There U.S. aerial surveillance allegedly backs up claims that Al-Quaeda is operating in the region.

French imperialism, with its long history of colonialism in neighboring Chad, is also intensifying its threat against Sudan. The BBC on July 31 reported that the French army with about 1,000 troops in Chad was moving to the Sudanese border. French ambassador Jean-Pierre Bercot told the BBC from Chad's capital, N'Djamena, that 200 French soldiers would now be deployed to Chad's eastern frontier with Sudan.

The U.S.-drafted resolution that the Security Council adopted July 30 demands that Sudan end the fighting in the Darfur region. Although the Sudanese government has held negotiations with the warring parties and severely punished some of the combatants, the resolution's punitive actions are in effect.

The resolution calls for UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to issue a report in 30 days on the progress made in each of those areas. The resolution passed the UN Security Council only after the U.S. dropped the word "sanctions" and added economic and diplomatic "measures."

As reported by the BBC July 31, Sudan's UN ambassador Elfatih Erwa, and its ambassador to the African Union, Osman al-Said, separately said Khartoum would comply.

"We are not happy with the resolution, but we are going to implement it-- we have no other option," Mr. al-Said told reporters in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa earlier this week."

The stage is set for a repeat of U.S. imperialist plunder under cover of "humanitarian" operations and supported by the European imperialist powers--unless the progressive movement here can recognize the intervention for what it is soon enough to resist it here in the U.S.

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How will you end the genocide in Sudan?

Currently the Janjaweed Arab/Islamic militants are holding thousands of people in death camps with no food, medicine or shelter. The US Committee on Refugees in Washington, DC reports that about 1000 people are dying a day.

What does the Worker's World Party propose to end the deaths and to deal with the 1.2 MILLION refugees who are also dying from malnutrition and disease, while the Janjaweed block international relief from arriving?

Blame Israel and the USA???


Becky Johnson's first problem is that she thinks that the U.S. government is capable of providing solutions for the people of the world. From the three million Vietnamese killed by U.S. troops, to the Zionist genocide carried out against the Palestinian people with weapons provided by the USA, to the over two million the U.S. has killed in Iraq in the past 12 years; U.S. imperialism provides no solutions for the people of the third world.

The solutions for the people of Sudan can only come from the Sudanese people themselves and not from blood thirsty imperialists looking to steal the oil of every country it can for the profits of U.S. oil companies and arms manufacturers.

You say, "Blame Israel and the USA?" I say yes, most certainly. As a dependent junior partner of U.S. imperialism Israel has done much to hold the entire region back rather than progressing in revolutionary opposition to the plunder of their economies by U.S. and other imperialist countries.

The destabilization that has already been carried out in Sudan by the U.S. due to the country’s audacity to stand up against the U.S. war in Iraq under Bush Senior is a good indication of the inferior role the U.S. expects of third world governments. How much worse it will be for the people of Sudan under imperialist occupation.

As capitalism disintegrates further, leading to a complete breakdown of societies exploited by imperialism, the solution does not lie in more imperialism as John Kerry proposes. The only solution will be socialist revolutions in the developed countries that get the World Bank and other unfair trading practices off of the backs of the majority of the people of the world while getting rid of the threat of U.S. military invasion and destabilization carried out by the U.S. against any country that dares stand up to the United States for the benefit of their people.

Capitalism and imperialism created the crises in Sudan. Now you want to subject the Sudanese to even more of this under the humiliation of a U.S. occupation. Such an occupation will likely not be tolerated and lead to resistance as it has in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Africa is a very rich continent in terms of food production and natural resources. Yet imperialist plunder has kept her desperately poor. It is the duty of every socially conscious American to oppose that exploitation and any talk of sending U.S. troops to the continent to shore-up imperialist control. It is a betrayal of the African people to criticize Bush from the right and call for more imperialist intervention.

No to a U.S. war and occupation of Sudan!


So you have NO WORDS OF CRITICISM for the Janjaweed militants who are Arab/Islamic and NOT US imperialist? Who support a military dictatorship, not any kind of democracy?

You are against sanctions? (As the Arab League just voted)

So the worst death toll/slaughter on earth continues with 1000 people dying daily----not one of them shot by a US soldier or raped by an Israeli soldier. Only Arab on Arab violence.

And you advocate that the people being slaughter rise up in a revolution against the Janjaweed or against the US and Israel?

I guess in Nazi Germany you would have advised the Jews being gassed to "rise up in revolution" and to oppose "intervention" by US and British (Imperialist/capitalist) forces?

Steve---YOUR first problem is you are actually promoting a holocaust of the Sudanese people because you are so anti-American you can't stand for the US to do anything----even if they are the only country that reasonably can.

Your second problem is you don't have a clue what the word "genocide" means when you apply it to the Israelis (3,200 dead in four years of war) and fail to apply it to the Janjaweed (30,000 murdered this year with another 1.2 in danger of dying this year).


Yes I agree with the Arab League. Sanctions against Sudan will not help the Sudanese people.

No I am not anti-American, but I am anti-imperialist and thereby anti-U.S. government and anti-Democrat and Republican. And yes I do oppose the U.S. going to war in Sudan for oil and weapons profits.

As for Nazi Germany, it was the Soviet Union that defeated Hitler, not the U.S. The U.S. only moved into the war when they knew who was winning. In addition, the U.S. government knew about the slaughter of communists, socialists, the disabled, trade unionists, and various ethnic groups (not just Jews), but purposely did nothing to bomb the death camps and crematoria. Such a move would have dramatically decreased the death toll. In addition, Roosevelt turned boatloads of Jews back to certain death while American Trotskyists ran headlines in their press demanding these people be let into the United States.

Becky, you are here promoting a dangerous myth of humanitarian imperialism. This was the same myth used to justify the imperialist war in Yugoslavia that you opposed. As you know the imperialists exaggerated and manufactured claims of all kinds of abuses against Yugoslavian Albanians and Muslims to justify that war. That is not to say that abuses did not occur. But as you also know: ethnic cleansing has continued under the watchful eye of the U.S. and international occupation. Meanwhile the real purposes of the war: (1) U.S. arms profits, (2) The privatization of Kosovo mines and the destruction of the Yugoslavian planned economy. These goals have unfortunately been achieved.

Becky, your definition of genocide is wrong. Genocide is a systematic policy to eliminate a people. This is what is being carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people just as it has and still is being carried out against the native peoples of the United States. The Zionist genocidal policy, while including torture and murder as well as economic warfare against the Palestinian people, also includes the destruction of the Palestinian nation by forcing Palestinians to be refugees and denying them the right of return. This is accompanied by a policy of allowing almost any Jew in the world that had never even set foot in Israel automatic citizenship. This is all part of a genocidal policy.

From El Salvador to Chile to Haiti and Iraq, the U.S. government has never brought solutions to the third world. The USA only brings war, death squads, hunger, lack of medical care, and horrible puppet dictators. If you do not know this you need to read your history.

On Sudan John Kerry is a worse warmonger than Bush. On Iraq and Afghanistan Kerry is the same. Demand the U.S. Get Out of Iraq and Afghanistan Now! Demand the U.S. Stop its intervention in Sudan and keep troops out! Vote John Parker for President!


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