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AUDIO: DNC2RNC Marchers Update FRSC from New Haven, CT

On August 16, Cedar, Peter, Giana and Cody, participants on the DNC2RNC, called into Free Radio Santa Cruz with updates from New Haven, CT.
(24 minutes / 22 megabytes)

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People from all over the country are marching from the DNC which took place in Boston to the RNC which is taking place in New York.

Marchers are living, sleeping, eating and making decisions together.

Many actions have taken place on the march, such as a demonstration against the Seaborg corporation, singing Oppositionial Defiance Disorder inside Walmart, and chating, "While Your Shopping Bombs are Dropping" inside a shopping mall.

Food has been both donated and dumpstered. Seeds of Peace is helping to cook.

Members of the community are encouraged to donate money, food, medical supplies, skateboards, shoes and media coverage of the demonstration.

Street Threater is being organized in solidarity with Zapatistas. Street Medics are helping out all along the way. Decisions are made through concensus.

The march has been an experience in anarchist process. Leadership has emerged from lots of different people. The DNC2RNC is an example to the world that an anarchist community can exist.

Change the system!

We also hear, "Don't Just Vote" by Ryan Harvey followed by audio from a DNC2RNC video from the 16th day of the march from Boston to NYC.

DNC2RNC video diary

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