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A call for Unity in the Struggle Against the Occupation and for a Just Peace

Statement of the Israeli Communist Forum (5.8.2004)

A call for Unity in the Struggle Against the Occupation and for a Just Peace
The heads of the Israeli ruling establishment and most of the media do not hide their glee at the internal confrontations inside the Palestinian Authority, now spreading from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank. In the course of these confrontations, Palestinian fighters and civilians are hurt and the Palestinian cause as a whole is harmed. Undoubtedly, such confrontations benefit nobody but the Government of Israel, and severely damage the struggle against the occupation.

We call upon our Palestinian brothers and sisters, of all movements and factions, to stop immediately the internecine confrontations, and to wage a coordinated struggle for an end to the occupation and for a just peace, which is in the supreme interest of the Palestinian people and of all peoples in the region.

The struggle on issues such as internal changes in the Palestinian Authority, democratization and honest administration on all levels must be conducted by political means - always keeping in mind the overall tasks facing the Palestinian people.
Also, we must reject out of hand any outside interference, any imposition upon the Arab Palestinian people of changes (including changes in the composition of the national leadership) by external forces, and first of all Israel and the United States. In this context we reiterate our rejection of all the inflammatory declarations and dangerous conspiracies against the head of the Palestinian Authority, the elected Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

We warn against the attempts by the Government of Israel to use the situation in the Palestinian Authority in order to accelerate the acts of oppression against the Arab Palestinian People.
We demand an end to the acts of oppression against the Palestinian population in the Occupied Territories, the “targeted� assassinations, the demolition of homes, the closures and sieges, the mistreatment of civilians at roadblocks etc. We warn against the taking of unilateral steps, in the guise of a “Disengagement Plan�, aimed at the formal annexation to Israel of parts of the Occupied Territories.

We once again call for an immediate cessation of the construction of the so-called "Separation Fence�, which is the source of much additional suffering for the Palestinian population and is in practice aimed at effecting the aforementioned wide annexations of territory.

The Israeli Communist Forum calls for the immediate resignation of the Sharon Government – a cabinet of occupation, oppression, discrimination and robbery. We condemn the policy of accelerated privatization and express our solidarity with all those who struggle against that policy – in particular the port workers. We condemn the policies of the Government of Israel, aimed at totally breaking organized labour and putting an end to trade union struggles in this country. We call for an end to the spending of billions of Shekels for war and occupation, and the diversion of these budgets to welfare, health and education.

An end to the conflict in our region can only be achieved by withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, including East Jerusalem; the creation of a Palestinian state side-by-side with Israel, in the borders of June 1967; and a solution to the refugee problem according to the relevant UN resolutions.

We call for extension of the actions of solidarity with the Arab Palestinian people, all over the world!

The Israeli Communist Forum
POB 4406
Tel-Aviv 61043
Tel-Fax number: 972-3-5168032
E mail: info (at)

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