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Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

On Sunday September 5th I will be hosting another Letter Writing Party for the purposes of writing letters to unregistered voters in swing states in order to encourage them to register to vote. I will have address lists for people in Oregon and Nevada from Mainstreet Moms Opposing Bush. We will enclose voter registration forms with our letters. Materials, including stamps, are all provided but you may wish to bring your own stationary or anything that might give your letters a personal touch. A very flexible schedule follows:

5:00 Food (will be provided by host)
5:30 Letter Writing
8:30 Film (to be chosen by attendees)

Come for any, or all, of these events. For directions and to r.s.v.p. email at pohlmann (at) or phone 338-2488.

Thank you for all you do,
Fred Pohlmann

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Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

Sounds like a blast. So which presidential candidates will we be asking people to vote for? Nader? Cobb? Peltier? or my favorite, John Parker?

We will really be teaching those Democrat Party hacks a lesson for trying to get us to vote for a pro-war, anti-Gay marriage, anti-single payer health care Democrat.

No wait, you couldn't possibly be asking us to write letters for him?

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

Why John Kerry Must Retract his Position on Venezuela"
By Venezuelanalysis,, March 26, 2004

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

we are not all going to agree with each other all the time. But, if we slam people every time they post here on indymedia, then people will not have the desire to come back to sc-imc and publish.

if we drive everyone away from the site, then it will be a website were a few people post articles and everyone agrees with them. what good is that?

i'm not saying 'if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all..." but, it would be nice if santa cruz indymedia had a bit more of a warm and fuzzy feeling now and again.

SC-IMC does not have to be full of so much anger.

Thanks for posting this info Fred.

while i agree that Kerry is a corporate tool, sometimes i feel bad pointing that out to people that trying to get Kerry elected.

After all, at least the Kerry heads are getting involved in politics.

If we only talk down to people, then they might not even try to make a difference in the future.

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

"After all, at least the Kerry heads are getting involved in politics."

Well so are the young Republicans, and I see nothing good in that either.

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

hey steve... did fred's post have anything about Kerry in it? and even if it had, is he not entitled to take initiative in politics in any way he wants? isn't that democracy? why on earth did you have to jump all over him?

you seem to be making it clear why your last name isn't Friendly.

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

"hey steve"

Hey "confused".

"did fred's post have anything about Kerry in it?"

Yes it did, it was about convincing people to get out and vote for Kerry in swing states.

"and even if it had,"

It did.

"is he not entitled to take initiative in politics in any way he wants?"

Yes he is, and I'm entitled to criticize it.

"isn't that democracy?"

Yes it is, and I'm entitled to my democratic voice as well.

"why on earth did you have to jump all over him?"

I simply voiced my opinion. I did so because Kerry is not the solution to any of the problems we are facing, he is one of two main candidates that will only make the problems of war etc. worse. I would be remiss not to point that out.

"you seem to be making it clear why your last name isn't Friendly."

Argue is my family name, sorry you don't like it.

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

And I've never known anyone to be so aptly named. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but I find it funny that even after someone points out that the tenor of the discussion was very negative, you continued and got more negative. Says a lot about you, buddy. Wonder why your socialist movement hasn't caught on here in Santa Cruz, with you at the helm...

Creating a welcoming environment; Kerry over Bush

I object to calling the organizers of this letter writing campaign "Democrat Party hacks". They should be welcome to post their invitation here. Note: I am a DTS (decline to state) voter, not a Democrat.

Regarding the impressive list of presidential candidates, one of two people will be elected president in November, 2004. Voters who dislike Kerry should ask themselves whether they would prefer Bush. Perhaps a viable alternative can be developed in time for 2008.

Regarding gay marriage, I would much rather have a president who opposes the federal marriage amendment (Kerry) than one who favors it (Bush). If that amendment passes, it will preclude same-sex marriage and eliminate civil unions. It may even render wills, advance care directives, power of attorney, and private contracts unenforceable, when same-sex couples are involved (cf. Virginia's new state law, whose wording is similar to that of the proposed federal constitutional amendment). Note: I am a gay man, and am married to a man. We were married in Canada, where I am from.

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

I did not call Fred and others involved "Democrat Party hacks". I was referring to those in charge of the Democrat Party who gave us Kerry, obviously Fred is not a top leader of the party.

As for Gay marriage, Kerry has a record of opposition to it. On any promises regarding the issue of an amendment against Gay marriage we should remember how Clinton’s support for Gays in the Military was transformed into “don’t ask don’t tell? after the election.

Call me silly and unrealistic, but I believe it is far better to oppose the candidacy of a candidate that is no good on anything from war to Gay rights or healthcare than to support him.

The main difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats are better liars. It is the duty of those of us working for progress and against war to point out that the Democrats do not represent any of the agenda we have been organizing for. Otherwise we are only giving those Democrats left cover and helping them perpetuate their lies, wars, etc... Call me a nut, but I prefer the truth no matter how rude you think it sounds.

We will gain nothing but the continuation of the status quo by supporting Kerry.

Re: Letter Writing Party on Sept. 5

The truth is the first step towards ending the two party system!


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