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"Free-Speech" Zone, at Burning-Man ;)

The Free=Speech Zone, at BM. Too funny!
Free Speech Zone.JPG
Way, way out in the middle of nowhere, the "Free Speech" Zone is available for ANYONE, no matter their belief that BUSH MUST GO; can NOW exercise their Free Speech Rights in the comfort of our hurricane fencing. And, we even supply the bullhorns to speak your mind, because it doesn't matter: no one can hear you!

This was my 3rd BM, and clearly, it was the most political. There was a "Pro Bush" march, which was clearly lampooning the Bushie's. Still, someone poured water on the leader's head! :( Can't we all just, get along?? A few Kerry posters, and

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Burning for Free Speech

This is very funny! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Re: "Free-Speech" Zone, at Burning-Man ;)

That thing was too funny. The sandinista presence in BRC enjoyed screaming various things into the bullhorn, and as stated... NO ONE HEARD A THING! Howz that for free speech?!?


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