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Wanted: Documentation of Corporate Exploitation

We are looking for photos, film footage, and stories
that convey the negative impact of corporate practices - with a particular focus on the oil, water and food/agribusiness industries.
Do you know the story of a person, family or community negatively impacted by water privatization or of corporations like Coca-Cola pumping precious water resources from local wells or reservoirs? Do you have photos of people or communities that have suffered at the hands of the oil industry? Do you have video footage that captures the plight of farmers trying to sustain their way of life in the face of increasing control of the world's food supply by giant corporations? Through our campaigning we can help relay these stories to activists, the media,
policymakers and consumers, and pressure abusive
industries to change their practices.

If you have stories, photos or film footage, please contact Karla Capers right away at karla (at) for more information.
All footage and photos will be safely returned
once we have copied them.

As we gather stories and prepare for new campaign
opportunities, our campaign challenging Big Tobacco continues to build momentum. As of today, 31 countries have ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which enters into force and becomes international law after
40 countries ratify it.

This groundbreaking treaty-the first to hold a specific industry accountable - will save millions of lives and change the way tobacco giants
operate globally. This treaty will help prevent Big Tobacco from meddling in health policies, and give governments the right to prioritize the health of their citizens over trade and commercial interests.

Help Infact build on this groundbreaking precedent to protect people from the dangerous and irresponsible actions of other mega-industries like food, water and oil.

Thanks for your work, and for your help in this

Patti Lynn, Campaign Director

46 Plympton Street
Boston, MA 02118
Fax: 617-695-2626

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