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The appended Department of Homeland Security advisory, which has been circulated amongst Flordida law enforcement intelligence officials via e-mail warning them not to visit, may be of interest to Cryptome.

A Boston Herald article about has been posted here:

"Threatcom," mentioned in the message, is the State of Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force:


Subject: SIS Bulletin #137 Whosarat Website Advisory

From the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council U.S. Attorney's Office-Miami:

There has been a lot of emails floating around about a website that lists names of LEOs and informants. Do NOT go to this website. Read the DHS bulletin below. Andrea please pass along on Threatcom with the strong advisory to not view this website.

(U//FOUO) UNITED STATES: CAUTION: Operation Security Risk.

Don't visit the Internet website . The site consists of a published list of government IP addresses, the names and photographs of law enforcement officers, and the names of confidential informants. Visiting the site could result in the compromise of government IP addresses. Searching the site for a particular name could result in that name being cross-indexed to the IP address of the computer used to make the inquiry. Searching for the names of officers or informants could compromise those individual's identities. Any website is capable of collecting IP address and search information from visitors, but this site is remarkable because it makes visitor information public. This published information could be used by criminals and/or terrorists to hinder law enforcement efforts and endanger officers and informants. Do not visit this or similar sites from computers that use a government IP address, and do not search this or similar sites for officer or informant names. (FPS Desk Officer, 13 Sep 04; HSOC 3353-04)

Ms. Chasey Hunker
Intelligence Liaison Officer
Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
U.S. Attorney's Office-Miami
(305) 961-9049 Office
(786) 564-9095 Cell


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