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Call for Anarchist Contingent at Million Worker March

Washington DC, October 17th, 11:00 AM
Call for Anarchist Contingent at Million Worker March
March as one on October 17th, Washington DC!

Calling all anarchists! Come all who toil in factories, farms, hotels, houses, stadiums, convenience stores, kitchens, cubicles and sweatshops everyday to make ends meet. Come all who are unemployed by circumstance or by choice! From steel workers to artists to single mothers, we must form a pact of solidarity that can defeat the forces that hold us down as servants! Come unite as working people against capitalist violence and profit-based economic structures.

W E   A R E   A L L   W O R K E R S !
We are all workers, whether or not we are recognized as such by the systems in place. We work everyday with our families, on our own projects, on art, or perhaps under the watchful eye of their managers or executives. We work both willingly and out of necessity. Executives excluded, regardless of who pays you or if you are paid at all, you are a worker!

A G A I N S T   C A P I T A L I S M . . .
Workers in this country and across the world have always been the victims of profit-politics. Workers have never gained anything substantial from capitalism, as capitalism is the enemy of the people. Only by selling each other out can workers enjoy the benefits of a system of war and destruction. This is evident in the ranks of the current big unions. Capitalism has been designed to keep the people fighting amongst each other and lost within problems created specifically as smokescreens to the real problems. We are running in circles and it must end!

As anarchists, we are opposed to any system that holds people down to benefit any group of individuals, and thus are opposed to the capitalization and co-opting of labor unions. We are in opposition to AFL-CIO style boss-bargaining and seek to destroy the entire notion of the boss. We seek a world where workers are not pinned against each other by the money-makers or by their so-called "union leaders". We consider reformist unions a part of the democratic party (and, for that matter, of the boss class), and we urge unions and workers who want real change to break from the confines of these unions and organize themselves for themselves!

N E I T H E R   B U S H   N O R   K E R R Y . . .
We are opposed to both the Democratic and Republican parties, as we recognize clearly that both of these parties represent nothing but ruling class politics and profit-schemes. We will not be fooled during the upcoming election, and we will continue to participate in this struggle regardless of which pawn is selected by the so-called "electoral process". NAFTA, FTAA, and all other "free-trade" agreements, as well as the wars we are currently engaged in, as well as the poverty-policies that the poor suffer from here at home, as well as the prison-industrial complex, as well as the destruction of the planet's forests, water, and air, as well as the racist courts and corrections system, are bipartisan issues. All of these policies cross party lines and are equally supported by ruling class candidates.

No vote cast or individual elected can ever alter the course of this system because the system is designed to withstand any attack from the inside. That is why we must abandon the system! Private property and profit-oriented production can have no place in the new world we envision.

B U I L D I N G   T H E   A N A R C H I S T   M O V E M E N T . . .
This is NOT a call for a militant contingent or black bloc, it is a call for anarchists to come participate as working people! We do not want to jeopardize this march or take advantage of the safety in numbers that it will create. We encourage creative and direct action against this government, but we must not violate the safety of people who cannot take on the risk level that we may be willing to take on. There is a time for direct and confrontational action and Black Bloc tactics, but this is not it.

Instead, this is a perfect opportunity to express our revolutionary, explicitly anti-capitalist solutions to the issues raised by this march. Against a sea of reformist agitation and alienating electoral-focused rhetoric, we as anarchists must present our politics with pride, creativity, and fierceness. Take this opportunity to outreach to other working people about anarchist principles and methods, to build the anarchist community, not to take action against our enemies. Building the anarchist movement IS fighting back!

S O L I D A R I T Y   N O T   C O N F O R M I T Y . . .
While we have these visions of a desired world, we recognize that these things can take time and that solidarity is necessary! Solidarity means that we recognize who our comrades are in the current struggle, and we will support them and receive support back from them. There is no reason to maintain theoretical battles between ourselves while so many suffer and die at the hands of this system. We stand in solidarity, not complete agreement, with the supporters and endorsers of the Million Worker March.

The movement needs us! Come to Washington DC on October 17th to stand up and struggle with other working people! And remember, don't be fooled by the electoral scams, we are powerful without our masters, whether they are bosses or presidents!

Participate, organize, and fight back!

Coalition of Imaginary Anarchists
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p l e a s e   s p r e a d   t h i s   c a l l   a r o u n d !


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