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FRSC being Raided

FRSC being raided by FCC RIGHT NOW! 9 AM Wed 807 Laurel St. Go Protest!!!
FRSC being raided by FCC RIGHT NOW! 9 AM Wed 807 Laurel St. Go Protest!!!

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Re: FRSC being Raided

FRSC 101.1 went off the air at 9:25 AM, Wednesday, 29 SEP 2004.

Re: FRSC being Raided

This is an outrage! Typical Bush/Powel facist war on the people, trying to silence the voices of dissent. A clear violation of our free speech rights. I plan to donate money to replace any and all equipment stolen from us! I encourage every one to contribute what they can to get free radio back on the air!

Re: FRSC being Raided

Bush Powell facist war on the people? How long did that take you to memorize? Get over it, FRSC was breaking the law.... a shitty law but that is it. I hope the get back on the air in which ever manner legal or otherwise. Lose the wacko leftist rightist mentality. You take risks you sometimes have to pay the price.

Re: FRSC being Raided

That station was terrible.

Re: FRSC being Raided

how does this action of the FCC benefit me?

was frsc a threat to "national security?"

Re: FRSC being Raided

Sue them if you can!

Re: FRSC being Raided

NOT AGAIN! Don't they have anything else to do? The bastards should be laughed out of town...the FCC, that is.

Re: FRSC being Raided

Does anyone know why FRSC didn't just do whatever they had to to operate legaly??? Or would that somehow have been a violation of their ideology? I'm not being sarcastic here. I want to know. How hard is it to be a legitimate radio station???


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