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FRSC Responds to our supporters

Its been two days since the federal government silenced Free Radio Santa Cruz. While many of us were initially stunned by the raid, I can report that our collective sadness and sense of loss is turning to outrage and resolve to resume our normal operations.
Its been two days since the federal government silenced Free Radio Santa Cruz. While many of us were initially stunned by the raid, I can report that our collective sadness and sense of loss is turning to outrage and resolve to resume our normal operations. We are making progress toward that end, and thanks to the dedication and hard work of our tech gurus, I am happy to report that a scaled-down version of our studio has been put together, and our live stream has been going strong for over 24 hours. We should be back to our program schedule shortly. We hope to restore the fm broadcast at 101.1 FM in the near future.

The outpouring of support, donations, equipment and kind words has been overwhelming, but each e-mail, each letter, and each phone message from you, our listeners, is what keeps us going through these dark times. Please, keep it up! I wish there was time to respond individually to each of you. Many of you have asked what can be done to help. Here are a few ideas we've come up with, and hope you'll think up some others, too.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is spread the word about this repression of dissent, and loss of free speech. Tell everyone you know; family, friends, lovers, teachers, doctors, politicians, etc... Write letters to the editor of your daily or weekly paper, call radio and cable access talk shows, spread the news on internet chat rooms, and listserves.

If you are a radio, tv, or print reporter, interview someone from FRSC to talk about the importance of microradio.

Many of you have offered to donate equipment, or technical skills. We will review these offers and someone will be in touch soon with a more detailed response.

If you know of, or can recommend a good communications lawyer, please contact one of us directly.

For those of you in the Santa Cruz area, FRSC is searching for new transmitter locations. Please contact one of us directly if you can assist.

We also need people to help distribute and post flyers in the Santa Cruz area. Call our voicemail at 831 427 4523 for details.

Come to Barrios Unidos, 1817 Soquel Avenue, on Tuesday October 12, when The Gadabout Film Festival makes it way into town. Gadabout is a nationally touring film festival that seeks to open new avenues of distribution for truly independent filmmakers that get pushed aside by Hollywood and the commercial film festival circuit. Focusing on short, mostly "low to no budget" films, the Gadabout offers an alternative to the cliche world of commercial film. The show runs from 5:30 - 9:30 PM and will be a benefit for FRSC.

In our nearly ten years of existence, FRSC has only been able to remain on the air because of the financial commitments of our collective members and with the help of our listening community. If you are a fan of FRSC, and have not yet done so, we are actively asking for donations.

To donate through a safe and secure credit card transaction visit or make checks payable to "Free Radio Santa Cruz", or simply "FRSC." Our address is PO Box 7507 Santa Cruz, CA 95061. We thank you for your past, present and continued support, and look forward to our on-air return.

FRSC Contacts: Skidmark Bob or George Cadman, (831) 469-3685; Phil Free, (831) 278-1216; A. C. Sandino, (831) 480-5197; FRSC Voicemail, (831) 427-4523

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Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

I have been so overwhelmed by the support & Love of listeners in a time that out of town thugs can by force take away our LOCAL communication with our community and thats what they do not want us to do is be able to produce our own communication our own media our own lives. Being raided was a horrible experience but being raided means we at FRSC must be doing somthing right, we are making a HUGE diffrence with our little 35 watt transmitter and of course all the donations and wonderfull phone calls of support from our community in Santa Cruz. the phones ringin off the hook LA Times interviewed us today and Rolling Stone is trackng us down What did we start! We need to return to FM broadcast ASAP I totaly agree but we also need to reasses our options and there are many. Its been rough not hearing 101fm my house is pretty silent these days
I feel sometimes like a close freind died,
but its ok we will be back Please be patient folks
we will be back better than ever!

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

Can you not apply for a LPFM license.

What's the big deal?

Regards from London, UK

Philip de Cadenet
Transmitters 'R' Us

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

They cannot apply for a LPFM license as none is available in the Santa Cruz area. The number of LPFM licenses granted is next to none anywhere in the US. Our FCC has a history of dragging it's feet for as long as it can even when granting LPFMs, it would easily be more than a year before FRSC could get one even if one were available in the Santa Cruz area. Given the citizen and local government support of FRSC it is clear and evident that the FCC is supporting a pro corperate agenda. A quick look at information regarding the FCC's plans to loosen its strictures against conglomerate ownership of media outlets ( will demonstrate that they are no longer acting in the intest of the people, but instead, the monied (and more importantly anti-democratic)interests of the current corperate media powers. The FCC has no business auctioning of the radio and tv spectrum, it belongs to the citizens.

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

In reality the FCC has no authority in this
matter. (Not that it would matter to them)
The job of Government is to protect our
Constitutionally guaranteed rights but it is
quite clear they have no intention of doing so.
Government agencies now exist only to safeguard
the bottom line on behalf of the stockholders.
When will we wise up and begin voting for people
who understand and BELIEVE this. (That the true
role of our Govt is to protect our rights)
It is the licensed stations who are the real
pirates. We had 4 "pirate" stations knocked off
the air by the US Marshalls recently. Now there is
no longer ANY dissenting voice on the airwaves.
How tidy ;-)

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

Greetings and solidarity from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Your story has been posted on Twin Cities Indy Media.

As a note, Free Radio Twin Cities, the Cat, a radio for free radicals, located in a bunkerunder Minneapoliswas recently shut down and moved in response to a white FCC van spotted in the community.

We are now moved and continue on the airways at 93.1 FM. To quote radio Free Arcadia during the WTO protests in Seattle " located between the corporate media which is broadcasting out and out lies."

They may shut down the radio but they can not shut down the Free Radio Spirit.

Keep on thinking and acting Free.

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

How amusing. The authorities are called "out of town thugs" by someone who calls himself 'Skidmark Bob' (skidmarkbob (at)

Did it ever occur to you people that if you obeyed the law you wouldn't have any problems? Exactly
whos frequency did you step on and cause a complaint to be filed?

How about if you do indeed get enough donations to get replacement equipment, I set up my own transmitter on, or real close to your frequency? Would you whine? I bet you would.

I'm glad the authorites shut down your illegal enterprise.

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

ummmm... So Roberta you voting Bush this year or what???
Did it ever occur to YOU that the law wouldn't allow us to broadcast our station even if we felt this illegitimate administration and it's corporate lapdogs of regulatory agencies (the FCC) had any right to tell us what information we can and can't share on the PUBLICS AIRWAVES! Due to FCC regulations and something called the third channel adjaceny rules, there is no place on the FM dial for a small, micropower station like ours to operate. And ask anyone familar with radio technology and regulations, and they will most likely tell you that a 35 watt radio station operating on an empty slot on the FM dial actually doesn't interfere with the 1,000, 10,000, and 50,000 watt corporate commerical stations that dominate OUR airwaves. Even FCC agent David Hawthorne said there has been no complaints of interference from our station, and that our only violation was not having a license which even if we had wanted to get, we couldn't have.
In fact, FRSC had been operating on 96.3 for years, which had been an empty spot on the dial, before we moved to 101.1 . And do you know why we moved??? Because the FCC gave 96.3 to another station and in an attempt to be RESPONSIBLE BROADCASTERS we moved from 96.3 to 101.1 another empty spot on the dial.
Your threat however to get your own equipment and intentfully attempt to interfere with our signal is not only petty, but would be incredibly irresponsible as a broadcaster. What problem do you have with a small radio station attempting to provide news and music to its community that you can't hear anywhere else on the local FM dial??? What threat does Amy Goodmans Democracy Now, or any other of the numerous informative shows we play everyday pose???
In a real democracy, people should be able to have access to many sources of information, and then make up their minds for themselves what to believe. Attempting to control what people are allowed and not allowed to hear is not only unamerican (ever hear of the 1st ammendment? Freedom of Press and Speech?) but outright fascist in nature. When you have so many propaganda networks (Fox news being probably the worst of the worst) it is essential to provide people with a diversity of ideas so educated people can make up their minds about what to believe without being told what to believe.

I hate to quote the Governator but...

PS. Oh, and as far as our "illegal enterprise", I hate to inform you that FRSC had been commercial free for almost 10 years. There was no money being made anywhere by anyone involved in the station. It's entirely made up by dedicated volunteers who do this because they feel its important for their community to have access to information that wasn't surrounded by and maintained by commerical messages. So there!

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

First off, Mr. Segundo, exactly what do my political leanings have to do with the issue at hand? Or, were you just thowing out that ad hominem to ensure that FRSC's billions and billions of supports will know yours?

Next, I'm going to address your frequency change. The chances are you moved, because if you didn't the complaints would have poured in and the FCC would have closed in on you much sooner. You didn't move becuase you wanted to be "RESPONSIBLE BROADCASTERS," admit it.

Needless to say, you imply that those naughty government officials shut you down becuase of your, er, different point of view. They didn't. They shut you down because you're scofflaws, plain and simple.

Also, my threat, as you put it, was sarcasm. My point is, that if everyone were allowed to broadcast without any regulation, the airwaves would end up being filled with broadcasts stepping on each other. You can't be so dim that you don't realize that, so I'll just assume you were being delberately obtuse.

The most amusing part of your rant, exuse me, your response, is that mainstream news, are all attempting to contol what American's hear ane see on the news. That's silly at the best. Loony is probably closer. Tell me, Mr. Segundo, was FRSC broadcasting its own propaganda?

FRSC is Dead! Get over it!

PS. Mr. Segundo, I suggest you purchace a dictionary and look up the word 'enterprise.' You'll no coubt be flabergasted to find out that in the context I used it, has absoultly nothing to do with commercials or making money. Enjoy the fee tip I just gave you to improve yourself.

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

Well, regardless of the points being made here, maybe Augusto was being DILIBERATELY obtuse. And perhaps he should PURCHASE a dictionary if he doesn't have one. Maybe he will ABSOLUTELY understand after your FREE tip....

Keep watching Fox news! They seem OK at spelling. Maybe it'll rub off. :-P

Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

Why thank you Mr. Spelling Patrol for your witty comment. However, I believe the case needs to be turned over to Mr. Editing Patrol. Does that seem OKAY to you?


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